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Jumeirah Village (South) and DSC

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by khktan, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. khktan

    khktan New Member

    I have just bought a studio in JVS and was hoping to sell it on. However, the market appears a bit slow as compared to DSC. Anyone has any investment there and any thoughts about properties in JVS would be appreciated?

    Any thoughts about whether I should sell or hold on and rent the property out?
  2. Mohamed

    Mohamed New Member

    Hello Khktan,

    In reply to your questions, I too have (as well as many others) have purchased in Jumeirah Village South. I believe the market is slow simply because the infrastructure for the village is itself still being completed, so no projects have started construction yet. I'm sure that when construction starts, prices will start going up.

    With regards to selling, holding or renting your property, my sources in Dubai inform me JVS could provide good stable rental income.

    Hope this helps!
  3. khktan

    khktan New Member

    Which property did you purchase? Have you heard of R&R towers and do you know how that particular development is doing?
  4. Mohamed

    Mohamed New Member

    I purchased studios in Desert Rose Residences, being developed by Desert Homes. To be honest, I don't think any development in JVS has taken off yet because of the infrastructure work still going on. I would be very surprised if anything happened there before mid-2008.

    But if you or anybody else has any other updates on the progress of JVS, please do post here - as all us investors are waiting for something to happen!
  5. sreejith_m

    sreejith_m New Member

    Hi I am working with Al Fara'a Properties and we also have our two projects in jumierah village south ,district 10 and 11 getting complete in end 08 and end 09 resp. Infact construction for our projects have started and for your information ,with my recent visits to the sites I could make out that lot many other builders also have started construction and the road construction is also going at good pace . As per the best of my knowledge the whole infrastructure will be ready in JVS by 2011 . But an investment there is really worth because its going to be a huge community all by itself(780 hectares) ,access to 3 major highways and ofcourse metro running close through Al Khail Road .Infact for our projects its all sold out and our investors are selling it at a premium of 10%. I feel depending on your investment pattern you can decide whether to sell or not ,if interested in selling I can sell it for you if its at a good rate , let me know 050 1638548
  6. mpat

    mpat New Member

    you r right.Many builders started working there.does your company have any project in DSC ? Can you sell something for me in DSC?
  7. sreejith_m

    sreejith_m New Member

    Hi I dont have anything in DSC , what do you have in DSC ,I can sell it for you , get me the details .
  8. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    Do u know how many plots there are in JVS?As far as I know Nakeel have released only 17 plots to developers which seems quite small,I assume there are still alot of plots to be released?Also is there such a place as Jum Village or is that JVS combined with Jum triangle?
  9. Hameed

    Hameed New Member

    I have an apartment in R&R. However, I haven't heard much at the moment what is going on with regards to this project. Last I heard the construction has not started. I believe they were going to start in the new year, when I don't know. If anybody knows then please let us know. However, I have noticed the prices in general have gone up in all areas of Dubai. I am not sure whether it's to do with escrow account requirements by the government? Those who are more in touch please enlighten us?
  10. sval

    sval New Member

    Mono Rail In Jumeirah Village

    What are the going rates per sq ft in JV now?
    Also, is it true that JV will have its own Monorail. I have never seen any confirmation from Nakheel on this. Only the developers seem to be claiming in their brochures. Do you have any idea if the Monorail is indeed a reality?
    I presume the purple line of Dubai metro passing through Al Khail Rd will have a station at JV.
  11. sreejith_m

    sreejith_m New Member

    Regarding the monorail ,as per the best of my knowledge its existence in JVS is confirm and the metro's as you mentioned do pass very near to JVS at Al Khail Road and there is a station also . At present properties are priced at the range of 680 to 880 per sqft depending on the builder , location etc .
  12. mpat

    mpat New Member

    Metro on al khail road will take long time.but monorail should be ready by sep 09.They ( Nakheel ) gave contracts to some firm back in jul or jun.
  13. sval

    sval New Member


    That contract was for Palm Jumeirah and not JV. There is so far no official word from Nakheel on the existence of a MONORAIL. Only the developers are talking about it. It is also not mentioned on the Jumeirah Village website or brochure brought out by Nakheel.
    Hence I seriously doubt its existence!!
  14. aaron.cook

    aaron.cook New Member

    The market is looking a bit unstable and its hard to predict what will happen. If you wish to create your own property add online and get in contact with a tenant today, then we can help, simply click on the link below. Any questions, please ask.
  15. mpat

    mpat New Member

    Hi sval

    I have seen RTA's plan for metro network and monorail in one of the gulf news articles , where it was clearly mentioned about JVS.Though you r right about palm jumeirah contract for monorail.Let s hope that there will be a good system for residents been able to travel to JLT metro station without cars.
  16. kelly white

    kelly white New Member

    Do you have any idea of the cost of one studio at the JVC?, and how is the developer of the dessert rose resident, is he reliable?.
  17. mpat

    mpat New Member

    Who is the developer ? Generally prices vary between 650 to 800 psf .
  18. Mohamed

    Mohamed New Member


    I have responded to your post in the Desert Rose thread.

    Anyway, just to answer your questions here, I guess being an investor and having purchased studio in Desert Rose, I'd be the best one to tell you about the developer!

    From my communications with them and research, Desert Homes FZCO are the developer of the Desert Rose development. They are escrow compliant (see No 200 in listing). They also have a good track record of delivering a project as they were developers of Marina View Towers in Dubai Marina, which incidentally, is nearly complete, so that reduces the chances of them being an unreliable developer in that sense.

    I have found them to be happy to answer my phone calls from the UK, although like all developers, communications skills aren't their best skill! With regards to sending out receipts for installment/payments, they were very prompt.

    In general, Desert Homes appear to be reliable, but that's from my experiences with them.

    My mail on the other thread has some other information that may be of use to you.
  19. nadeemiqbal1

    nadeemiqbal1 New Member

    I want to buy in JVS or DSC

    Dear friends do you know any good development project in JUMERAH VILLAGE SOUTH or DSC with a payment plan of 2-3 years? I want to buy a studio in JVS or DSC.

  20. mpat

    mpat New Member

    cappa docia in JVS is good.
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