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Discussion in 'Legal & Regulatory' started by Kashif9999, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Kashif9999

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    I have been forced into buying a property with another person because I wasn't able to secure mortgage by myself. The lawyer involved isn't too trustworthy either. I know, major red flags. The other person is in a position to fake my identity easily.

    Could I please know how best I can make sure no fraud happens.

    Also, is there a way I can find out if the other person tries to take out a loan/mortgage using our property as leverage to get loan approved. Thank you.

    Hope my question makes sense.

  2. nmb

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    This scenario begs the question why you would want to deal with people who you are suspicious of?

    I assume that the deeds are in joint names? If you are really afraid of ID fraud you will need to speak to a "better" lawyer and see what they advise. This has disaster waiting to happen written all over it.
  3. Longterminvestor

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    Investments can be stressful enough without wondering if/when you will be defrauded by your investment partner. You said it - red flags, stay away.

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