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I have been buying property with a German freind. He is very experienced and knows the market and Tax laws inside out.

We only buy at Court auction. Such auctions are distinct from public auctions and a very closed archaic world. Bank repossesions are thier stock in trade.

We have decided to help others buy such property which can be as much as 70% less than market value. We will go to this trouble in return for a share of the equity - say 15%.

Everything will be covered by an up front legal memorandum goverened by Englisg law.

Clearly it is in our interest to make the best possible investments and aim to avoid 'dogs'. The aim would be to maximise returns.

The window of opportunity will not last, German investment interest is rising from both foreigners and Germans. We anticipate the courts will start driving a harder bargain as interest increases so now is the time to strike.

WE ARE BUSY PEOPLE - VERY BUSY, SO HAVE NO TIME FOR DILLY DALLYING. As such we only want to here from cash buyers with the will and drive to do deals.
We will need prior power of attorney and cleared funds in order to make the auction aquisitions.

We tend to find the best properties start at 70,000 euros although you should expect more for the really worthwhile deals.

Leave your contact details here if genuinly interested and motivated - no pipe dreamers please.
NOTE - we will require up front commtiment in order to weed out any time wasters. A small sum will be required as such and to help cover costs of drawing up a legal agreement between us not too mention hours of trawling for property. We simply dont have the time to get involved with someone only for them to withdraw at the eleventh hour so I hope you understand the need for a financial sign of your commitment.


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i am a serious investor who has over 100,000 e, i am visiting berlin very soon.......would like to know more, i am well aware of property auctions in the u.k, i really dont mess about but also dont give ANYONE money without meeting them and getting some form of guarantee.......after all, the guy paying the money is taking the risk!......if you would like to meet or send some more information please do, regards dpj
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