Joao Pessoa....existing property for sale?!?

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by lialia, May 16, 2012.

  1. lialia

    lialia New Member

    Hi there! New to the forum and decided to sign up just now after spending hours having a read of everyone's posts! This seems like the place to be!

    Okay - so I'm planning on investing in Brasil - and am currently drawn to Joao Pessoa (due to research, although have never been there!)......there is a site I've found called <snip> which is listing local property in and around Joao Pessoa.....I like the look of it but has anyone local got any views on this company or and advice. Every other site I find is listing new developments that I'm not really interested in to be honest.

    I lived in Rio for a year and a half and am dying to move back to Brasil. Rio is too expensive so I find myself looking for other areas. I'm not looking for high-end off plan apartments - just a nice little pad in decent proximity to the beach in an up and coming and very safe area?! So - any Joao Pessoa people out there - I welcome your advice.

    I'd ideally spend give or take 4 months a year in the property and the rest of the time rent it out to locals or acquired friends. I want somewhere nice and cheap, but with good potential that I can work on!

    Basically, I don't know where to find decent, trustworthy property listings in the area!?

    Many thanks!

    Lia x
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  2. debzor

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    Hi Lia

    If you have no success in JP, take a look just a little further down the coast, here on the island of Itamaraca. Virtually no off-plan apartments, plenty of existing property, beaches, great potential, etc!

    Cannot help with the company - its been snipped.
  3. lialia

    lialia New Member

    Thank you!

    Thank you for that Debzor! :) Having a look at Itamaraca now......any recommendations of good local property sites to use!? Again, hard to know what to trust, what's up to date and relevant! Thank you very much!

  4. debzor

    debzor New Member

    Lia - There is no advertising allowed on the forum, so you need to make 5 posts, then you can send me a private message. Then I may be able to make some comments and recommendations.
  5. mikesmith

    mikesmith New Member

    Reliable/trustworthy agents in J.P

    Hi Lia,
    I think you will like the look of downtown J.P.The beach promenade in Cabo Branco is fabulous..I am based in Natal but know and have heard many good things about Steve Gallagher.He has a large portfollio of beach apartments and has been operating down there for many years.You can find his contact details on a google search.Good luck!mike
  6. Peterhugh

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    Hi Lia
    I'm new to the forum and new to buying in brasil, I'm just about finished paying for an apartment in a new build on the beach at bessa, my agent working in JP is English born so any problems he tends to deal with them for me. The beach area at bessa and cabo branco, tambau etc is quite lovely the pace of life is nice and steady altogether a lovely place with a great climate.
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