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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by stel_g01, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. stel_g01

    stel_g01 Banned


    Does anyone know which towers in Jumeirah Lake Towers is directly outside the Metro Station??
  2. acassim

    acassim New Member

    Green Lakes S1, S2 and S3. Go to skyscrapercity dot com and look for the Jumeirah Lake Towers plot map.
  3. apadana54

    apadana54 New Member

    lake terrace

    i think lake terrace by damac is near metro station.
  4. apadana54

    apadana54 New Member

    i think lake terrace is near the metro station
  5. StudioBuyer

    StudioBuyer New Member

    I think the 2 clusters closest to the Metro Station would probably be the "D"Cluster and the"C"Cluster.

    Following are the Towers located in these Clusters:

    D1- Indigo
    D2- Lake Terrace
    D3- Lake City Tower

    C1- Fortune Tower
    C2- Goldcrest Executive
    C3- The Palladium
  6. acassim

    acassim New Member

    I have been to Green Lakes and saw the metro just outside the building. Went to the JLT website and found an interactive map Jumeirah Lakes Towers
    Looks like there are 2 stops planned in JLT. One in front of S & T clusters and one in front of C & D clusters. Not sure about the C&D clusters? Does someone have any pics?
  7. rg_andi

    rg_andi New Member

    the station infront green lakes is dubai marina station, there will be a bridge over SZR connecting to the other side of the rad ie dubai marina
  8. benho

    benho New Member

    I am interest in buying JLT 1B, please let me know if anyone have anything on sale!

    PLease PM me.
  9. EAM

    EAM New Member

    I have numerous JLT properties for sale. Email james at blue gulf properties dot com
  10. snakyy21

    snakyy21 New Member

    I am interested in JLT properties too. Let me know if you have any at a competitive price. I am only interested in studio and 1bdr. I can be reached at snakyy21 atttt hot mail dot com

  11. snakyy21

    snakyy21 New Member


    I am interested in Jumeyrah Village including JLT, JVS, etc.. even Discovery Gardens. Please e-mail me at snakyy21 atttt hot mail dot com if you have any 1bdr or studios (preferred) for sale.
  12. shahidns

    shahidns New Member

    I have a 1Br in Green Lakes S1, it is 1085 Sq ft, with equipped kitchen, that I am looking to sell.
  13. adil100

    adil100 New Member

    Hi Snakyy and Benho, i have what you need at a brilliant price, ill send u the details as soon as i can. thanks.
  14. snakyy21

    snakyy21 New Member


    Hi There

    I am interested. Please send me the details at snakyy21 at hotmail

  15. snakyy21

    snakyy21 New Member

    More Details Needed


    Could you please send me the details at snakyy21 at hotmail

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