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JL Towers

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by JunFan, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. JunFan

    JunFan New Member

    Does anyone know of any decent resale apartments in JLT, preferably a 2 bed apartment?
  2. stylinexpat

    stylinexpat New Member

    Some of the finishings in JLT on some Towers is quite poor and on others it is quite good which is why you will see some being sold for quite cheap and others for very high prices. There are many things that contribute to a price in a tower. I have a 2 bedroom that will finish next month but will most likely keep it. If I do decide to sell it, I won't sell it for anything less then 3.2 Million. The views from the rooms are some of the best in Dubai. I have had many people make me offers on it but prefer to keep this one for myself.:)
  3. abudubai

    abudubai New Member

    Stylinexpat, which tower have you bought in?
    I've bought in Goldcrest Views 2, not much chance of that finishing next month, though progress in good.
  4. stylinexpat

    stylinexpat New Member

    I bought in Saba Tower II and III
  5. kokni001

    kokni001 New Member


    I have a 2 bedroom apartment at Lake View in JLT which will be ready maybe in next 2-3 months. Do you know what the interior finishing is like compared to your
    apartment at Saba Tower II and III? Also what is reasonable price to sell my 2 bed
    apartment if (a) fully furnished or (b) non furnished?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  6. revolutionary

    revolutionary New Member

    I also have an apartment in Lake View. I think you are a bit optimistic in expecting to get your keys within a couple of months. My own estimates put the handover into next year. DAMAC took forever to complete Lake Terrace and I'm not holding my breath!

    The finishings look identical to Lake Terrace which is supposed to be a reasonable quality. The worst quality in a JLT tower I've heard of is Lake City. However that one should do well as it is close to the metro and Almas tower - I've heard that some buyers were already ripping out the poor finishes as soon as they get the keys.

    Having studied the development for a year or so, I would reckon the best buy would be in Green Lakes - has the same 'best views in Dubai' as SABA II & III, is close to the metro, and was developed by the head of Emirates airline. I also hear that it will be swarming with air hostesses and so should be very easy to rent out!!
  7. sammy1003

    sammy1003 New Member

    Lake View

    Lake View will be completed BEFORE the end of the year, it has white goods and the finishing will be similar to Lake Terrace if you can go and have a look. Prices in Lake Terrace are still increasing and I am sure the same will happen with Lake View, so if you keep your property a bit longer you will get much more for it just in time of completion.
  8. revolutionary

    revolutionary New Member

    I wish I could share your confidence Sammy.

    DAMAC are indeed saying that Lake View will be completed this summer. Peter Riddoch also said last year that it would be delivered last year. There is also a very big difference between DAMAC's understanding of the word completed and that of most normal folk. They said that the structure was complete last year and then went on to add several more re-inforced concrete floors when they had managed to fool enough people into thinking they had actually completed the structure.

    I do think the building can be completed this year but it seems that it still takes several months for all the final approvals to come through in JLT.
  9. sammy1003

    sammy1003 New Member

    I understand your situation with all the delays for sure. But you waited all this time, and few more months should not make any difference to you. I have been selling those Lake Terrace and Lake View units, and I am telling you that people who sold Lake Terrace before completion did so at a much cheaper rate than what people are selling them now, simply because they were in a similar situation to the one you are in now! You should also know that the demand on those Lake terrace units, after completion, has been extremely high even when we still have the owners increasing their prices! It is really a beautiful building and Lake View will be as well.

    Keep your property for a bit longer and you will see. Time will only tell..
  10. Dk75018

    Dk75018 New Member

    JLT 2 bed room


    wld you be interested in 2 bed room in JLT, indigo tower.. ready to move. price approx 2 million...

    if yes write me on same id at
  11. AAPROP

    AAPROP New Member

    Hi Abudubai,

    Can you tell me how do you find the quality of goldcrest views 2 . I am looking to buy one 1 unit there, would you recommend to buy? Are you satisfied with price appreciation, location and the builder.

    If possible please let me know when you purchased the unit and how much per sq. ft. You can pm if you don't wish to discuss these details on the main thread. Thank you.
  12. Seventomake

    Seventomake New Member


    am interested in your Indigo tower appt. is still up for grabs.
  13. jags

    jags New Member

    does anyone know hows Icon tower finishing?what can be the selling price for 2

    br 970sft. what rent can be expected?
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