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Jangada Das Dunas

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by lukewd, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. lukewd

    lukewd New Member

    Jangada Das Dunas in Fortaleza, Brazil.

    • Has anyone heard of this development?
    • Any reviews?
    • Any info?
    • And who is the developer?

  2. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    All I know is that it is near the Insano:

    "you'll have the chance to "fly" down the Insano, the tallest water slide in the world. At 41 meters or 134.5 feet high, those who dare to accept the challenge will find themselves reaching speeds of up to 105 km/hr (65 m/hr) on their 4 to 5 second descent."

    and it was closed when I was there so I still am annoyed :mad:

    BLT is your man for that area.

  3. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    It was open when I was there but I'd ... erm... forgotten my bathing suit?

  4. brian scott

    brian scott New Member

    Jangadas das Dunas

    I have brought Jangadas das Dunas, and for me was the best investement I have done in a long time.

    Not only do I have the Aqua Park next to me but also I have a 18 Hole Golf Course that is right next to the complex.

    I could not be more happy, since they give me rental guarantee and also it is a safe investment to have, I dont know when our "friend" was there but the Aqua Park is always open and the location is one of the best there is in Brazil.


    Brian Scottan
  5. lukewd

    lukewd New Member

    hi brian,

    thanks for your input. have you exchanged contracts on your purchase yet? did all go smoothly?

    could you please also tell me who the developer is?

  6. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Brian my "friend",

    The aqua park was open, but the insano ride closes a half hour before the park closes.

    So Brian which agent do you work for?

  7. brian scott

    brian scott New Member

    no one, im just happy with the deal that i made....maybe i should "friend" rob but its better then anything i can get in england at this moment.
  8. Dotty

    Dotty Banned


    Sounds like you are promoting as an agent would??:)
  9. LisaNic

    LisaNic New Member

    Excellent Investment

    For those wnating more information on you go:

    Jangada das Dunas is a brand new complex being constructed on the famous Porto das Dunas beach just some 20kms from Fortaleza in the town of Aquiraz. Aquiraz is known as a district of Fortaleza, and offers many facilities but the major interest is the largest golf course in Brazil that will attract many tourists. Apart from that Porto das Dunas also hosts Championship windsurfing tournaments, kiteboarding and many other events that are worldwide recognised and attract many visitors year round. The area also now is having a brand new water park constructed a few minutes away and has a 18 hole golf course close by. Considering the amount of growth this area has experienced in the last 12 months and still growing, it makes this development very interesting to investors, with the added bonus of a 12% rental guarantee in place for the first year, a bank guarantee backing the developer, 50% mortgages available for foreigners / and a well known hotel group running the development after construction to give you a healthy rental income for many years to come... This is considered a very low risk development.

    50mtrs from the beach on an elevated spot, opposite the new Aquavilla park and close to the new golf course under construction......Jangada das Dunas will have onsite facilties of a communal swimming pool and Tiki bar and 2 restaurants, surrounded by tropical landscaped gardens. A spa and sauna centre, business centre with full office faciltiies, and a games room. Featuring 1,2 and 3 bed apartments with generous floor plans,and sea views across the famous Porto das Dunas Beach..Built just in front of the new aqua park that will attract many visitors to the area and increase rentals. The apartments are nicely designed with a modern but rustic feel. Spacious living areas and top quality finishes are offered by this established Italian developer. The complex is being constructed in one of the most popular areas of Porto das Dunas beach and with only 42 apartments it will sell out quickly - do not miss your chance to own one. Bank guaranteed developer with 50% mortgages. This well known developer has already completed this project and Bristol Hotels group are in charge of the managment of the development also.

    Payment Schedule
    To reserve 3000 Euros deductable from first payment

    30% on contract
    20% over three equal payments during the first 12 months
    40% at completion
    10% at signing of deeds (approximately 1 mth after completion)

    50% mortgages available at completion

    Bank guaranteed project

    Rental Management Britsol Hotel Group will rent your apartment for 11 months of the year with 1 month for own personal use. This only applies if you join the rental pool 12 % rental guarantee but not really necessary as the area is hot for tourism

    Maintenance fees per year = TBC

    Completion is end of 2010 Construction starts October

    Full Due diligence in place
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  10. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    You mention Bristol Hotels will manage the complex,but what will the condominium fees be for the people that do not enter into a pool system and management fees?As there are just a few properties I imagine them to be high.

    Can you give some further info on that .

    regards :)

  11. LisaNic

    LisaNic New Member

    Dotty........when you say condominium fees...what exactly do u mean by this? Community fees? maintenace fees?.........these will be decided by the community of owners in conjunction with the hotel group once the project is sold and it will be dependent on the additional services on offer outside of the standard services.

    I would estaimate to be around 50€ - 80€ (approx 135R$ - 215R$) per month

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