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Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by maximusprime, Mar 6, 2008.

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    I am rying to get a JAFZA offshor ecompany started for the purpose of creating an investment pool in freehold real estate. I just found this:

    jafzaoffshorejcauae "dot" com/terms_condition "dot" html

    (sorry for the "dot", forum wont let me post urls)

    #18 says real estate is prohibited. I know some of you guys are using the JAFZA offshore provision, can someone clear this up for me?
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    Jafza Offshore company activities

    One of teh most important features in offshors companies here (Dubai) is that it allows the ownership of real propoerty, be it a land or house, commercial or residential but! subject to land ownership. there is also emerging free zone that offers similar setup in teh UAE which is RAK free zone (Ras Al Khyma). i hope this helps. :cool:
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    check rak free trade zone RAK Free Trade Zone
    it costs less to open an offshore account and procedures are simpler
    (last time I checked it was around $2500)
    I've got quite some info from RAKFTZ - let me know if you need them.

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    Property Buying in Dubai

    The best method to buy property in Dubai is to set up Offshore Company in JAFZA and the JAFZA Offshore Company can by property in Dubai. Setting up of JAFZA Offshore Company including registered agent fee will cost approx AED 18,000. JAFZA Company can be under joint ownership of husband & wife or single ownership. UK residents set up JAFZA Offshore to buy property because, according to UK Law, the assets of UK Citizen worldwide will be subject to heavy taxation upon death, and this issue can be dealt with by forming Offshore Company & buying assets under it. For further information, contact +971504825561. dubaifreezonecompany dot com will provide details.
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    The land department in Dubai will only allow you to buy a property through an offshore company if the offshore company is a JAFZA entity. No other offshore companies are allowed to buy properties in the emirate of Dubai.
  6. pro

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    I can assist you in setting up a JAFZA or any offshore company in whatever jurisdiction you require.

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