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italian cluster

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by ALIYA, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. ALIYA

    ALIYA New Member

    Hi, I am a new member. I purchased an apartment in the italian cluster and still waiting for possession. I received a recent letter from the Agent who is ARY asking for the outstanding balance to be paid. This included amongst other things a breakdown on behalf of Nakheel a late payment surcharge with a 10% mark up. Did anyone else have such an item. I did query the items listed from the deveolpers directly who are Nakheel. They have not stated that I owe them a late payment surcharge.They did however say that they are still due the land registration fee at 1% (ARY were charging me 2%-so I have had ARY change this.) But for some reason ARY are still pursuing the late payment surcharge for nakheel and now decided to add on other items and sothe amount they say I owe is increasing:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: . Has anyone else had such a problem with ARY?
  2. laguna33p

    laguna33p Member

    ARY are obviously trying to pull a fast one, the greedy idiots
  3. ALIYA

    ALIYA New Member

    I agree. But what am I meant to do to get the property? Do I just hand over the money which they keep increasing.

    Had I known of these so called 'hidden' charges I do not think I would have bothered buying through them!

    Also I would like to know what fixtures and fittings they are suppying with the apartment. Does anyone out there know???
  4. aveshbachav

    aveshbachav New Member

    Ms Aliya,
    I too purchased from ARY, am in Italian sector U8 building. I paid all the charges cuz they said if i dont they r gonna fine me for delayed payment. I paid 5% charge as service/documentation charge, 2% registration charge, various other charges not mentioned to me before purchase. did you pay 5% as service documentation charge? or is it only for ppl who have paid on time and disguised as "late payment penalty" for people who have paid late?
  5. ALIYA

    ALIYA New Member

    Hi, I bought in IC4. I had to pay 2% registration fee. I received a letter dated 1 March 07 stating that the apartment was ready for handover provided I pay the outstanding balance. This was divided into 2 parts. Payment owed to Nakheel which included a late penalty fine with a 10% markup also the service charge and land registration fee at 2%. Their side I owed them a small balance plus 5% for the service/documentation charges. I queried the items for Nakheel, but as I got no response from ARY I sent an email to Nakheel. It was answered by Sara Mohammed who stated that they required the service charge and land registration fee at 1%. I then wrote another email to ARY for the attention of the G. Manager raising this and that Nakheel have not asked for a penalty charge and secondly that the land registration was 1%. I recently got a reply with an updated balance outstanding.....listen to has kept in the penalty charge, taken out the markup, reduced the land registration fee to 1%. But then the amount that they say is owed to them, ARY, is their service charge....this has now been itemised....and the total is more than they asked for in their previous letter. The reduction from Nakheel seems to have shifted to their side.....again I have queried this and I am currently waiting for a has been 2 days now...and still waiting!!!!
  6. wayneis

    wayneis New Member

    Unfortunately many Real Estate Agents charge "Service Fee" and this is nothing other than day light robbery.

    My did much the same as you have experienced invoicing me for much inflated Land registration charges ( nearly double )

    Why do they continue to do this?

    Answer : because they can.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2008
  7. laguna33p

    laguna33p Member


    U have been told by ary that your apartment is ready for handover, i bet it is not, they just say that to get the fees. Same thing happened to me with Gowealthy, they said apartment was ready for handover, I paid about 5 weeks ago and I am still waiting for handover
  8. ALIYA

    ALIYA New Member

    I have been waiting for over a year!!

    And you know what....I actually went to Dubai so see the apartment in Dec 06.....they did not let me see inside as developers had not handed over the property to ARY. I had a quick view of the was still taking place at other clusters.....across the road from the complex was empty land. I was told by the ARY driver that the government have retained responsibility of it to build schools, hosp this true??? Even if I took possession I am not sure if I could find anyone to rent it from me yet. I will try to wait as long as I can to get the keys. Give it time to let people move in and get the construction out. I was told that the Chinese cluster has been occupied and that was only because the Govt of China bought it for the chinese workers to live in....??? I do have some pictures that I took of the site. I will upload it as soon as I can for all to see.I am a bit 'naff' with my computer skills!!!
  9. aveshbachav

    aveshbachav New Member

    well, aliya these guys lie cuz nothing is on paper, and you know what. the contract was on paper if still they can cheat and lie then what goes and saying something unrecording in the world?
  10. ALIYA

    ALIYA New Member

    you are right.
  11. MAZ

    MAZ New Member


    Still I think we all should do something like legal case or atleast contact to nakheel and land department. Dont pay the money till the matter is solved. Some people are saying that ARY will cancel their booking, they cant do now bcuz they have done this in pakistan and got very bad reputation. They dont wanna spoil their name again in uae, they are starting lots of projects here. I think u guys will see something regarding ARY in Gulfnews and Khaleejtimes very soon INSHAALLAH. My request is u all do something for yr hard earned money, like send emails to khaleejtimes,gulfnews,dubai land department and nakheel.
  12. SAK29

    SAK29 New Member

    yes, I have exactly the same problem. I am trying to get group of people to sort out the issue . Are you in UAE ? Please contact 050-4506678
    Paying 7000 plus dirhams for survey doesn't sounds well.
  13. aveshbachav

    aveshbachav New Member


    I contacted the above 4,i.e. khaleej, GN, nakheel and Dubai Land Dept, all did not care enough so i gave them what they asked for!!!
  14. aveshbachav

    aveshbachav New Member

    I Called Adil Hashmi of ARY just now, said "your building will be handover within this week" as is usual. I said u always say that " we have submitted all documents to nakheel 2 months back and got the NOC , WE CANT FORCE NAKHEEL TO HANDOVER THE BUILDING. IT SHALL BE DONE IN DUE COURSE"

    I said " i called nakheel a week back and they said you have not submitted the documents and thats causing delay. he said " who told you that?", i said "nakheel", he said the same thing " we have th NOC since 2 months back, bla bla and your building is surely next now"
  15. ALIYA

    ALIYA New Member

    I spoke to Sara from Nakheel a couple of hours ago. I raised issue of the ARY charges as I had sent it by mail to her. She said that she will not respond to it until next week as there a meeting with ARY. It seems as all the complaints and our concerns will be raised hopefully. So I think all complaints to Nakheel may have at last put them under pressure to do soemthing. So anyone who has not yet made a complaint, please do it to Sara asap before the meeting and we just have to keep the pressure on. Let's hope something comes of it.
  16. SAH

    SAH New Member

    Today back from UAE

    Contacted ARY about building handover says next two weeks n bla bla bla
    contacted nakheel says contact ARY they will tell you everyhting bla bla bla

    Conclusion of the trip bla bla bla
  17. ALIYA

    ALIYA New Member

    did you get that information from Sara?

    I spoke to her yesterday, hence that is where I got informed about some meeting with ARY and themselves. Although previous call to that, I went via switchboard and the receptionist refused to transfer me to Sara and I was told to speak to ARY.
  18. NOOR

    NOOR New Member

    Aliya/Other fellow members

    Following is the Sara's direct tel # (ByPass Receptionist/Tel operator)

    Direct Tel # +971 4 365 8705
    Fax: +971 4 390 3314
  19. SAH

    SAH New Member

    I sent 3-4 emails to sara no reply till today from past 2 weeks.

    I talked with guy inside ARY he explain me the situation that nakheels/sara cannot confirm you the date of building handover because if they confirm they will a problem and ARY problem is that they r waiting from nakheel as they handover few buildings to the owners.

    SO it looks that nakheel have problem while transfer buildings to ARY.

    Remember All nakheel projects are delayed

    I suggest other fellows not to go aggressive be cool n relax.
  20. laguna33p

    laguna33p Member

    aliya and others, yes just keep your cool, no point getting all frustrated because at the end of the day all your efforts, in my opinion, is being wasted. They will change nothing due to your emails/calls. Nothing will be handed over until THEY are ready, nobody will reduce 1 dirham of your charges because these people will not alter their poilicies. Unfortunately, that's the situation of buying property in dubai, in an untested market.
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