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Is Triplanet Group FZC trustworthy?

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by showbiz, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. showbiz

    showbiz New Member

    I have invested in a property in dubai sports city with a developer called triplanet, i just want to know if they are reliable and honest.
  2. Stephendxb

    Stephendxb New Member

    You did not mention which property you have invested in, that said Triplanet have seven towers being built in DSC. The revised website is being updated now at Triplant Group so you should soon have access to details on the construction progress for each tower. I can tell you that construction work has already started on the first 5 towers. The company is fully registered with RERA, and all accounts are ESCROW. DSC will be a prime investment project and unless something very untoward happens I would say stick with the payments and your investment. Trustworthy? Personally, yes and that is based from my dealings with them to date.
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