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Is there any Moroccan land for sale by the Moroccan government

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by Myasilah, May 14, 2008.

  1. Myasilah

    Myasilah New Member

    Hi all I am looking for Land for a big investment to buy from the government.
    Anyone has the product or the information can contact me
    jeo_delafrance @ hotmailcom
  2. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Someone I know has done this - be prepared for a long haul. So far his consortium have been at it over 2 years, with not even a brick laid yet. They think they wont see thier profits for another 3 years at least.

    They had a lot of hassle with architects trying to rip them off, by over stating the charges for building works and materials.

    They also ran into difficulties with owners of adjacent land not allowing access roads / pipes etc unless huge sums were paid in reconpence.

    I guess it can be done of course, but just wanted to give you this example as a heads up.
  3. Myasilah

    Myasilah New Member

    Thank you for the advice i know what you mean.

    Thank you for the advice i know what you mean. Its better to buy from land from private owner.
  4. Myasilah

    Myasilah New Member

    Land from the Moroccan Government wanted for a big project

    A company is seeking preferably a level land site, located in a pro-development area between 200 - 3000 acres (81 - 1215 Hectares) for special posh resorts... This is a partnership opportunity for the "right" landowner(s), hard money investor(s) and/or the Moroccan Government. The land will be deeded to the company and will be stated as so in our partnership agreement.
    They are seeking a partnership/Joint Venture with landowners. In this instance with access to Government land, they would request to lease the land to build with the option to acquire. In doing so, the company would have control of the land which is a necessity to proceed forward on all fronts of the development project.

    Please understand, the company resorts would never be sold or would they ever consider removing any land from our inventory after any partnerships are formed.
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