Is the Dubin property marketing starting to overheat?

Discussion in 'Emerging Property in Europe' started by lookinginvest, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. lookinginvest

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  2. diyhelp

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    There could be more mileage yet considering the mess the UK government is making of Brexit. However, there are signs that it is starting to overheat.
  3. FWL

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    New builds are being built at super fast pace - are developers just trying to take advantage of the situation or is there real long term demand? Brexit is often played down but it is an important issue.
  4. lookinginvest

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    There are also other factors which could come into play - might conflict return to Ireland? Its seems that the EU is determined to keep Northern Ireland in the EU but the UK wont let this happen. No political party would ever get back into power if it effectively cut Northern Ireland out of the UK.
  5. Longterminvestor

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    While Ireland seems to have the backing of the EU with regards to a soft border, etc with Northern Ireland, at what price? These is always an angle with the EU - they always want something for their support. That said, in the short term there is probably more upside for Dublin but a period of consolidation would do no harm.

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