Is real estate your investment of choice?

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Long term rental income streams and potential for capital growth - what is not to like about real estate investment?


Initially I was a stocks and shares man but now I see the long term benefits of property investment. Governments will always protect property prices by never building enough new builds to fulfill demand. That way prices stay high, families have property wealth to fall back on and there is more chance of them being voted back into power :)

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The worldwide real estate market seems to dominate the investment arena and has done, in the eyes of investors, for many years. When you bear in mind that worldwide stock markets not only offer shares in property trusts but also shares in companies which operate in the property market, the real estate industry is central to the worldwide economy and the worldwide investment arena.

It therefore begs the question, is real estate your investment of choice and if so why?
It is my investment of choice, although I started with business. I was strongly influenced by Robert Kiyosaki's teachings and he always said start businesses and invest the cash into real estate. I built a business over 14 years and when I started generating enough cash I started buying properties. I exited the business a few years back and now buy and sell houses full time. It is my investment of choice as you are in control of adding value, can use financing to leverage and since the market is less efficient you can create great deals by buying under market value.

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