Is Planning permission needed to build a pool in Tavira, Portugal?



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I'm in the process of buying a Villa in Tavira, Portugal but it has no pool,
Is there any restrictions?
What do I need?
Next door has a pool but I wouldn't say it was a proper tiled type more one of those plastic ones
Help please


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you will need planning permission for your pool, the builder or pool company may help you with this or speak to the local camara.

Vitor Mota

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No it is not
according o new law u do not have to require a license for it

lena green

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Licenses, what is a license? a tax, its as simple as that.

If you want to dig a hole in your back yard, fill it full of water and swim in it, do so, its your yard !

Did you know in the 1611 uk Bill of Rights, no landowner could put a tax on his serfs without going before a court of his peers and have that tax ratified.

Most taxes (licenses)are illegal methods imposed by local councils to extort money from you.

SAY NO. Go to court and argue the license. Besides taking ten years to get there as Portugal is not quick, your fine, if case proved, would be a joke. The judge has the last laugh.

Dog licences...................nobody has one, a licence that is, everybody has a dog, usually two OR MORE.You can usually hear them most nights after after 7.0 pm which is illegal under noise abatement acts, so, who cares certainly not the police.

Car licenses.................most bother, some don`t

TV licenses, whats that.

Driving licence...... 60% maybe, but 99% need driving lessons

Build license, sure you need one of those, cost you thousands for waiting around for years at your own expenses to build on your own land. Its cheaper not to have one, just build, forget planning, it takes far to long.Pay the fine 5k max, its a joke.

Portugal has had 1600 new regulations imposed on it since joining the EU, 400 of those have been ratified, 1200 are still outstanding. PORTUGAL DOES NOT PAY ITS TAXES WHY SHOULD YOU.