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is my money safe

Discussion in 'Turkey property' started by mnoone, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. mnoone

    mnoone New Member

    we hold money in two turkish banks, some in euro and some in YTL, can anyone advise me if my money is safe? Are the turkish banks effected by whats happening in both the US and Europe.
  2. tyrell

    tyrell New Member

    I live in Turkey and I am a citizen of Turkey.In 2001 Turkey had one of the big economic crisis in it!s history.We lived with that effects for 4 years but many laws changed about banking in order not to live the same crisis again.It was really rough years but now Turkey will not suffer like US or European countries.Just check that if the bank you have the account has a partnership with the international banks that has problems(Fortis,Dexia etc.).

    Have a nice day,
  3. frj

    frj New Member

    dear tyrell, good tip"banks with partnership..." thanks
  4. Sunny Days

    Sunny Days Member

    Assuming that your money is in one of the nationwide banks and not an unheard of one, the Turkish government guarantees up to 50,000 YTL.
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