Is it worth holding off a remortgage?

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While there are rumours that UK base rates could move into negative territory in the short-term, is it really worth holding off on a remortgage? Firstly, while the trend for mortgage interest rates will soften as UK base rates fall further, more in reality there is not much further to go for mortgage rates. So, if you are trying to catch the bottom of the market, and are still currently on a much higher headline rate, personally I think the you should be moving on with your remortgage. However, it would be interested to hear the opinion of others.


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The fact is that the only interest rate you can be sure of is the interest rate before you today. If you are looking to remortgage your property you have to ask yourself, will interest rates go any lower? Surely at 0.1% the main benefit to the mortgage market is already evident?


It is all good and well trying to predict the future but how has that been for economists over the last decade? If you're looking to remortgage, with UK base rates currently in 0.1%, what more interest rate incentive do you need? The argument that rates may go lower in short-term is a flawed one because if you do not remortgage in the short-term then you will be on older rates which are, I would guess, higher than those you would have if you were to remortgage?