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Is it too late for value in Morocco?

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by howellmr, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. howellmr

    howellmr New Member

    This is my first post. I would love to invest in a 3 bed-room villa/townhome in Morocco that would yield solid appreciation and cover the holding costs through rental income. However I've been reading a bunch of posts on this website and am concerned that it may be too late for good value or at least enough return to overcome the risk and horror stories that exist.
    Jardin De Fleur seems to be the most solid risk free investment but many of you purchased in 2006. Does it still offer value?
    Where do you, "the experienced ones" feel the best value for money is today?:confused:
  2. TimRawlins

    TimRawlins New Member

    La Plage

    We bought recently on Le Jardin de Fleur's la Plage which appeared to be better value than some of the previously launched plots. We joined the Owners Group and received much valuable information from Popcorn and help with our contracts as it's our first overseas purchase. Suggest you make contact as apparently there is yet another of their plots shortly to be launched and you'll get some hints if you are going on an inspection trip.

    We're also looking at the Tinja development in the north near Tangier which is due to come on the market next month. Gem and Property Showrooms are both good agents to make contact with and Popcorn can also put you in touch with others.
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