Is it time to take a look at solar panels?



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A recent article suggested that the addition of solar panels led to an immediate increase of 14% on the value of the average UK property. Is this an area to look at as from what I believe there has been a reduction in the cost of solar panels and they are now much more efficient. Or are there further efficiency gains to come from this type of technology?


There's no doubt that the cost of solar panels has reduced dramatically in recent years as the technology has improved - there are probably more cost savings to come. However, in light of the coronavirus pandemic and the UK government's huge investment in the economy might we see a reduction in government financial assistance for this area of the market?


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Solar panels have become affordable and they will continue to be so with each passing year. They add value to the property and they also help in earning carbon credits for the owner.


There are lots of advantages of using solar panels especially in the current situation where global pollution is increasing day by day.

  • Solar power is pollution-free and causes no greenhouse gases to be emitted.
  • Reduced dependence on fossil fuels
  • Great return on investment
  • Virtually no maintenance as solar panels last over 30 years
  • Can be installed virtually anywhere; in a field to on a building
  • Batteries can be used to store extra power
From these benefits, you can easily infer the future role of solar panels in our society. So yes according to me we should need to look at them as a favorable alternative.


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No doubt solar panels are good, Eco-friendly but at the same time they requires a lot of maintenance. So, if you are planning to install the solar panels then do consider the maintenance cost as well.


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I can see that sustainable technologies are becoming increasingly important to buyers. When I renovate houses I always pay attention to this point. In my opinion, it is always good to use one or two sustainable technologies. Simply to show that you have also paid attention to this topic. In regions where it makes sense, it would always be my first option. Every buyer then sees at first glance that something has been done for the environment. The point allene will not be enough, but it is definitely not a reason for exclusion for the buyer.


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I think solar panels become more and more important. People appreciate this investment into the environment and support companies, which use solar energy as a source of power. And even one step further: they want to use this eco friendly energy in their everyday life. I know so many people, who have already installed solar panels on their property. But yes I think this field will still improve in the near future.


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Yeah, maybe. But it will be useful to buy such panels only if you are living in a sunny area.


Photovoltaic panels work with daylight rather than sun. So it is isn't only in hot countries that they work.

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Interesting and not entirely surprising, the use of renewable energy is spreading and indeed becoming more and more affordable. Sustainability-wise, I have my doubts as the environmental toll taken in producing them is not always smaller than that of non-renewable electricity used up over the lifespan of a solar panel - though this issue is improving as time goes by. All in all it's definitely worth looking into.


When we were building our home, we didn't think about solar panels, but the company helping us,, advised us to read more about solar panels as they said our house had the possibility of installing them. And we decided to give it a try. Solar power systems offer clean energy from the sun, so we help the global effort to combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our collective dependence on fossil fuels. We, of course, use the traditional electricity, especially during winter, but the energy we get from solar panels makes us feel more aligned with the global efforts. Of course, it's costly initially, but you only benefit from it in the longer term.


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It seems to me that such news should not be trusted completely, it is partially possible, but the cost is not rising because of this