Is it time to remortgage?



Personally I don’t think there is much more downside with regards to UK mortgage rates put any reduction in base rates would reduce potential upward pressure on mortgage rates and help to maintain them at near record lows. Therefore, there is an argument to suggest that we are near or at the bottom of the remortgaging cycle and it may well be worth taking advantage of current rates while they last.

I read this morning that the UK government is currently in talks with Japan about a huge free-trade deal which would “dwarf the EU deal”. Time will tell whether this happens but it does show that any concerns regarding the EU may be overdone. Surely if Japan was able to arrange a deal relatively quickly the EU, which the UK has been part of since the 1970s, will surely be able to act with similar haste?

Ryan Lin4511

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There are signs that the next UK interest rate move will be higher - is the door about to shut for UK home owners looking to remortgage?
Yes, the chances of higher interest rates really make me think to try remortgage now! Thanks for picking up the topic guys! It's been a great help


Inflation has picked up, not good for low rates, but the spectre of Brexit is still hanging over the UK economy like a storm cloud. However, whether or not rates move lower in the short term is irrelevant, the only rate you can be sure of is the one today.


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The way things are, in my personal opinion, it is time to fill your boots with remortaging finance :)

If you are staying put, how low do you really think base rates can go?