Is it time to look at buying student accommodation?



The recent headlines do not make good reading for those investors heavily exposed to student accommodation. However, once the virus is over and we have a vaccine, surely everything the return to normal?

It is now the best time to start looking at picking up student accommodation or is there perhaps worse to come?


The main question here is how secure is rental income for both halls of residence and private student accommodation? Many of the new student accommodation blocks were built around communal areas which are now highly dangerous. Unfortunately, I think there may be worse to come for the student accommodation sector!


I think if you keep your powder dry, you will see a lot of private and commercial student accommodation being sold off cheaply. The second leg of the pandemic is yet to really get going so the impact on student accommodation still has some way to go.


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In deed, I agree with you, however, no need to proceed with the purchase of strictly a student accommodation property. What could be done, is purchase a property that mostly offers studios, and maybe an addition of 2-3 apartments of 1 or maybe 2 bedrooms, and this would be great investment, whether the pandemic will still be at large or not.

GO the extra mile and offer to your tenants/students, free WiFi as well and this will probably guarantee you all year round tenancy.