Is it time to buy London property?



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With Brexit effectively kicked into the long grass for the moment there were hopes that London property prices would start to stabilise. While there are signs of buyers returning in some areas, it does appear that the grey clouds are still hanging over the capital. However, those who follow the London property market will be well aware of its ability to bounce back extremely quickly once sentiment changes.

Is it time to buy yet? Probably not…………


Personally, I'm failing to see why there is so much doom and gloom surrounding the London property market. This market tends to be a little more volatile than the rest of the UK but it also recovers much quicker. Is this really all down to Brexit?


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One member on this forum is expecting a bounce in house prices post Brexit due in the main to the fact the doom and gloom scenario has probably been overdone. Whether it is time to buy London property now is debatable but this is a market which always confounds critics and always bounces back :)


I suggest everyone keep an eye on London rental yields and when they get to an "acceptable" level that is the time to buy. Remember, London yields are often significantly lower than those elsewhere in the UK. Ignore the short term fog in front of you and concentrate on the long term. The figures dont lie :)