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Is anyone completing on Perun Lodge - please don't ignore!!!

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by JMCC, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. JMCC

    JMCC New Member

    Hi, we have held off completing for as long as possible. I have contacted the developers to find out how many properties are for sale and also to find out if they have the funding to run the hotel (year round) with so many properties unsold.
    I feel we have run out of delaying tactics and now either need to find some funds to try and complete or walk away and lose our money (which will really hurt!)

    I know the solicitor indicated we could find the developers in default of article 16 but having found out the process to issue legal proceedings I feel this would just be throwing more money after this property with no real guarantees of getting anything back.

    Help, there must be just more than us in this situation and I wanted to find out what anyone else is planning to do!:confused:
  2. nigel00

    nigel00 New Member

    Hi, I myself was about to get the notary deeds signed and money transfered when I came across your blog. I have had loads of bother with another property more specifically the developer, three letter organisation! This is worrying as this is the first I have heard of potential problems with Perum Lodge.
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