Is a swimming pool a luxury or a necessity?



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There are obviously some parts of the world where the weather is hot enough to warrant a swimming pool. However, there are also parts of the world where for example indoor swimming pools are built into properties because of the unfavourable weather. You have to ask yourself, is a swimming pool a luxury or a necessity for your particular situation?

It is not just the cost of building a swimming pool which you should be concerned with but also the ongoing maintenance costs. Will it be utilised enough to warrant this additional investment? Will you be able to afford the upkeep and potential repair bills going forward?

Holly Watson

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I believe a swimming pool is a luxury with in the UK as the summers are short lived. So i do think it becomes more of a hassle rather than anything, especially with the maintenance cost.

However, for holiday homes it can be cheap to maintain depending on the location. I think it also attracts more tenants with renting the property, if holiday go'ers are spending the money to relax on holiday a pool is seen as more of a necessity, and something they deserve. So i guess holiday home owners could include the costs of maintenance for the pool within their rental prices to ensure it is affordable. Whereas, i can't say the same for UK owners who have it as a private luxury within their family home.


Some great points there @Holly Watson as I have never considered adding the cost of pool maintenance on to the cost of renting out a holiday let. At the end of the day people are often willing to pay a little over the odds for quality holiday accommodation. I totally agree with your comments about the UK which brings us onto indoor swimming pools and what I would imagine to be enormous running costs going forward?