Iris Mist @ Dubai Maritime City

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Anyone interested in a 1BHK in Iris Mist at Dubai Martime City? I have a few units directly facing the sea on high floors. Construction based payment plan with the next pmt in Mar or April of 2009.
email me at azharny at yahoo dot com.


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I have appartment on the 19 floor in iris mist direct sea facing

This is a forum for investors who have invested in iris mist dubai maritime. This is a time when we need to get togather to put our terms to developer. i just got the SPA today and and the price is exactly the same as reservation form signd 9 months back. We as investors need to get togather

We are tring to get togather investors invested in iris mist so that we can make our stratergy from here onward how to deal with developer and try to put some pressure on them. They were suppose to provide the SPA within 30 days of the reservation form which I just got today 9 months after the reservation form was signed.

I think we will have to go the legal way now. They had to provide the SPA within 30 days and not 9 months.

Argument is if you decide to buy a comodity ( let's say milk) from a supplier, and he says he will be providing it at a specific rate within a specific time period ( let's say a month). He can't come after one year with the item and say now you have to buy it at the same rate, ageed on earlier, when the market price of the comodity is reduced darasticaly.

so lets meet up and take it further from there. If you guys are in touch with anyone else invested in iris mist, lets involve them as well

if you want to join the group of investors, please mail back at varunkalr at gmail dot com or text at 050,5046623. As there is always more negotation power in more numbers and if there has to be any legal procedings we can share the expences.


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