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  1. Veronica

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    Investors required for the first purpose built retirement community on the beautiful island of Cyprus.

    This project is ready to go with plans and permissions in place.
    Investors are requried and different options are avaialable.
    You may just want to purchase one or two units to bring in rental income or you may want to invest in a whole block of units. The choice is yours.
    For more information about this project go to the link below. cyprus_retirement_village_paphos_full_12.jpg cyprus_retirement_village_paphos_full_13.jpg cyprus_retirement_village_paphos_full_17.jpg cyprus_retirement_village_paphos_full_19.jpg cyprus_retirement_village_paphos_full_20.jpg cyprus_retirement_village_paphos_full_21.jpg cyprus_retirement_village_paphos_full_24.jpg tsada_old_mill_retirement_village_full_2.jpg
  2. lookinginvest

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    Hi @Veronica this looks like a very interesting property investment proposition. I was just wondering what kind of rental yields this type of property would demand in the current market?
  3. Veronica

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    I will get figures from the developer and get back to you.

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