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Discussion in 'India property' started by collageindia, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. collageindia

    collageindia New Member


    Which area is best for the investment in Chandigarh?
  2. miler

    miler New Member

    According to me Zirakpur is best place to invest panchkula is very costly.
  3. aahnagupta

    aahnagupta New Member

    If u want to invest then i will suggest you to invest in Zirakpur .As there are too many projects in greater mohali.
  4. may123

    may123 New Member

    I think Zirakpur is best
  5. dishu

    dishu New Member

    I think Noida & NCR are best
  6. bryansmo12

    bryansmo12 New Member

    As you have mention that you are looking forward for investment so according to me panchkula is best option but if you will find panchkula is bit costly or any other issue zirakpur or manimazra will be better.
  7. abhi26july

    abhi26july Banned

    zirakpur is really the best area in Chandigarh to invest at but first you must contact to a real estate agent
  8. Robb1803

    Robb1803 Banned

    I would suggest you to go for would be a good investment
  9. sukant9791

    sukant9791 New Member

    1. Manimazra
    2. Zirakpur
    3. Panchkula
    4. Mohali
  10. shilpa

    shilpa Banned

    Mohali and Zirakhpur
  11. rubina2013

    rubina2013 New Member

    Mohali and Zirakhpur. In south india Bangalore and Chennai are the best places
  12. Bigtowers

    Bigtowers New Member

    Gurgaon is the best place to invest in Real Estate.
  13. Natasha Singh

    Natasha Singh New Member

    Panvel is going to be the next big thing, especially if the airport project goes through
  14. clickinfrasolutions

    clickinfrasolutions New Member

    Mullanpur is a very posh locality. And well connected with the other parts of the city. It is well connected by trains, buses and public transports. Transport facility is also good in this locality. School, bank, ATM and hospital are available nearby the locality.
  15. rubina2013

    rubina2013 New Member

    Yes its true, Near by places like chambarli , mopada are also improving
  16. amrapaliasia

    amrapaliasia New Member

    Panchkula is very costly. So, I would suggest to invest in Zirakpur and Mohali.
  17. raghudev009

    raghudev009 New Member

    if you go with High budget, ECOCity Mullanpur or if have low budget plan, ITCITY Sec 82A and
    83A is the best investment for sure
  18. deepprasad

    deepprasad New Member

    According to me, Noida & NCR are the best place where you can invest your money.

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