Investment in Argentina - Any thoughts?



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I have been offered an investment in a polo country club in argentina and wondered what people thought I should be aware of in terms of the pitfalls in investing in Argentina? Or if anyone else has invested in and around Buenos Aires what their experiences were?

The Polo club will be a gated community and they are currently selling plots at $50 sq/m in order to get houses built on the assumption that a similar polo country club in Argentina would charge around $200 sq/m. The site will have three 5-star boutique hotels on it and is aiming to make polo holidays more accessible for people as currently a holiday can cost £10,000 a week!

Should I be interested, run away or ask more questions?

Ewan Park

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Ask a lot of questions.
Check out the developer and their history. Previous projects.

If your gut gives you any reason to doubt a situation - especially when you have absolutely NO control over it. Look at something else.

Lots of opportunity out there -

Good luck

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Yeah, ask a lot of questions... Wonder how the sell price is very different from all the rest. How the property will be coming along a few years from now. Weather in the area the past 50 years or so... Something like it.