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Hello everybody,

For those looking for real estate investment opportunities, right now in the big cities you could find good deals for Fix&Flip and Buy&Hold.

I would recommend to avoid the coastal side of Spain. Focus on Madrid Barcelona and surroundings.

If you want to discuss about it let me know
Nicholas Wallwork

Nicholas Wallwork

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Hi @Acreixell why do you say avoid the coastal areas? Surely these make good holiday lets and most overseas buyers will favour being near the beach? Curious to understand your reasons...



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Hello @Nicholas Wallwork ,

I'm more on fix&flip or buy&hold (long term family rentals). That kind of bussinesses are easier and better on "wealthy" and populous areas.

But If we are talking about holiday rentals, the main reason that I could give is because is a seasonal bussiness, and it's more Hospitality than RE Bussiness.

These are some cons:
- Low prices due to competence of the hotels and other property owners (Andalucia, Canary islands or Valencia coasts are budget tourism areas).
- Bigger attrition due to different kind of guests.
- You need to live on the spot or have a very efficient property management agency.
- Bigger taxes.

If I had to invest in something like that I would do it on a premium spot. But of course, as more premium the spot is, P/E is larger.

I would like to discuss with you about the issue. What kind of strategy do you follow? I ever open to discover new ways to invest in RE.


I tend to look at things from a long-term perspective and I think eventually the coastal property market will recover strongly. It may take some time but there are some significant returns to be had.


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@Longterminvestor I prefer longterm for stocks. In Spain it happened too much trouble with RE. For example: right now Barcelona and Madrid are becoming very hot, both because a mix of tourism + younger generations prefering to rent + no credit without strong downpayments. Who knows how long this bubble is going to last...


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If Barcelona and Madrid are becoming too expensive, could investors start looking elsewhere for value, i.e. the coast?


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Hello @diyhelp

You could find very good opportunities in some medium size (wealthy) cities. For example: Zaragoza , Bilbao, Valencia, Logrono,... All this cities have university, good public services and are well connected by airport or a big train station.
All of them could be a good option for buy&hold.