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  1. terrifishpie

    terrifishpie New Member

    We've been looking at investing in property overseas for some time now and we're now looking at these properties in Mauritius (google Emerald Heights Mauritius). We have searched the internet and read as much as we can on Mauritius but everything we read obviously only promotes the island.

    We'd like to know people's thoughts on whether it is a good place to invest as the website suggests. Also any insider knowledge on the island would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. mauritiusinvestment

    mauritiusinvestment New Member

    invest in Mauritius

    I can help you with all you need to know about purchasing property in Mauritius.
    I specialize in non-residents and foreigners/expats. Emerald Hights is a very nice development, but not the only one to choose from. I can provide you with information on them too.
    Mauritius was elected 10th most interesting destination for a second home, by the newsweek magazine in january, if you are intersted, i will send you a copy.
    Just email me,
    Chat soon I hope,
    Patricia Piper (at Patricia Piper Properties, just google me and you'll find my website)
  3. terrifishpie

    terrifishpie New Member

    Hi Patricia

    Thanks for your reply.

    We are looking to invest in a property as a second home to use for holidays. We wondered how Emerald Heights compared with your other devlepments. In the future, we hope to sell the property at a profit.

    We have set our sights on the 'JASMIN' property (google 'Emerald Heights Mauritius' and it's under 'Property Types')

    Any advice would be welcomed.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. mauritiusinvestment

    mauritiusinvestment New Member

    invesment in Mauritius

    Emerald Heights is a really nice development, it is among my favorites. Have you already signed up with them? I do represent them too and do not charge extra commission :)
    On the other hand, another one of my favorites is located in Peyrebere, in the north of the island, affordable prices and a very interesting projected rental return of 11%. The development is much smaller than Emerald Heights and I think might be easier to sell in the future due to it's location.
    Google the name of my company: Patricia Piper Properties and you will find my website with all the relative information on this development and all other RES on offer at the moment.
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Kind regards,

  5. dale nelson

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    Hi Patricia and Terry,

    I dont mean to interfere.As a tourist in the past to Mauritius and being property investors, we investigated Mauritius recently for a holiday home but were unfortunately unable to invest due to entry level pricing.However our research indicated that the island was divided into 2 categories. Water sport lifestyle and the elder daytrip curios and interesting places and venues.

    Chatting extensively with the locals, they were very upbeat about the Grand Baai area for the mainstream activities and motor boating. The Southern side of the island is where the larger hotel chains like the hilton hotel have established themselves and offers quieter entertainment and is more focused on dolphin watching and diving. this is not to say they dont offer it in Grand baai.I would advise seeing which developement is closer to the tourist venues and boat marinas for fishing charters. If it is profit in mind, it always cames back to location,location,location.

  6. johnherbst

    johnherbst New Member

    Mauritius is a great spot to invest in property, its like owning a coastal property on an island, always a good idea

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