Investing in Eastern Europe?

Discussion in 'New and Emerging Property Markets' started by property_john, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. property_john

    property_john New Member

    How about investment funds intrested in putting some money into East-European real estate market (like Balkan countries or Croatia etc.)? Does anyone know some institutions in UK or Irleand?
  2. property_john

    property_john New Member

    How out Poland?

    How about Polish realty? I know it's little too late for big money out there, but still luxry resorts-condos seem interesting (increasing rent due and prices are still undervalued in some places). Does anyone ever heard about it?
  3. songo

    songo New Member

    Polish market

    > How about Polish realty?
    I live in Poland, so I have a fresh look ;)
    In my opinion is too late for good and 'smooth' investments. Currently, developers in big cities report increasing problems with selling. Prices are stopping or (very little) falling down at the second market.
    I don't want to say that is impossibile to make a good bussines but it's not so easy as (let's say) 2 years ago.
    Personally, I looking for interesting apartment in Egypt or Turkey. Income/Risk factor in my homeland is not for me :D
  4. nba004

    nba004 New Member

    Hi, Budapest will give good returns, i have a property in District 9 and it is doing well.
  5. johnherbst

    johnherbst New Member

    If you're investing in Eastern Europe, don't look at making a quick buck!
  6. Vincentash

    Vincentash New Member

    I know some Scandinavians that have bought real estate in Riga, Latvia and are getting decent amount of money by renting them out.
  7. roysoni

    roysoni New Member

    you are right saying. :adore:

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