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Investing in Ajman

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by euroinvest, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. euroinvest

    euroinvest New Member

    Are investments in Ajman properties governed by RERA and are ESCROW accounts active and/or mandatory in Ajman ?
  2. bware

    bware New Member

    Do some more home work before you part with your $$

    You would do well to research more, sorry have to post the complete Gulf news article as not able to link directly. problems over the horizon and on the radar is the acute shortage of future power and electricity or Basic infrastructure. Warning signs are there, future projects will be delayed substantially, if you think delays are bad in Dubai, then wait till you see what is happening up the road in adjoining Emirates such as Ajman

    Do the foot work and research, information is all on the web, unfortunately many of the brokers or agents will not tell you what is happening and you could be left with a project that the developer decides to cancel or a project that is built however is connected to the grid.

    My thoughts stick with the bigger name Developers and if the price sounds too good to be true then give it a wide berth. A good yard stick is if the banks are lending on a project then they have done most of the home work for you and they believe it is a safe investment.

  3. tehsin123

    tehsin123 New Member

    I feel that this report has been moved by other emirates as they don't want to see people selling Dubai or Abu Dhabi properties and going to Ajman. As everyone knows Dubai properties have reached at very high levels and potential and ROI is not so huge. It may be lucrative for investors now to shift their investment in Ajman. So what I am saying that be careful (as you are in all investments) but don't just decide on one report only.
  4. McVelvet

    McVelvet New Member

    Anyone know of any good already completed developments in Ajman?
  5. MyDamac

    MyDamac Banned

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