Discussion in 'Caribbean Real Estate' started by GringoBob, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. GringoBob

    GringoBob New Member

    we just joined this site and hopefully will be able to add some value as central america - Costa Rica - residents

    we lve in La Tigra Costa Rica and will be pleased to try and answer any questions about this beautiful tropical country
  2. Chavo

    Chavo New Member

    Representing the Dominican Republic here... so I guess that makes us neighbors... kind of... lol... Costa Rica and the DR aren't that far apart.
  3. Chavo

    Chavo New Member

    ...and may I say... the DR, like Costa Rica, is also a beautiful country... and its women... ;) All kidding aside, a great island!
  4. GringoBob

    GringoBob New Member

    good morning neighbor Chavo -

    looks like there is not much interest in our part of the world here with the euros ?

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