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  1. SPview

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    Not sure if people have more important things on their minds at the moment .... but has anyone had any experience of installing internet access in their apartments ? if so idea on costs and best internet provider ? Also I use skype at home, but know that friends in Dubai cant access it there (its banned apparently!?!?!) - presume there are no restrictions in Bulgaria ?

    Many thanks
  2. thetravelbug

    thetravelbug Banned

    No restrictions. Getting internet in some villages can be a little problematic but most manage. Skype used by many in Bulgaria.
  3. SPview

    SPview New Member

    Cheers Travelbug - any idea on costs for installation and monthly subs ?
  4. Jain and Chris

    Jain and Chris Senior Member

    Costs will depend upon the service you want and your service provider. Internet is available everywhere in Bulgaria but do you want dial-up, high speed, wifi, adsl.. ? Also, how much do you want to pay?

    For example, ADSL connection is about 30 lv a month depending upon upload and download speed - but is not available everywhere. We have a wifi connection and pay 20 lv a month unlimited connection and the speed is comparable to ADSL most of the type. Skype works fine in Bulgaria.

    It will depend upon the area the apartment is in and what you want.. if you can give more details then we may be able to help more.
  5. SPview

    SPview New Member

    Appreciate all the info Jain. I was just wanting to try and make a comparison between what I get in the UK - currently 20mb for just under 20uk pounds per month, plus I use skype as I have friends and relatives overseas that I am in regular contact with. Sounds to me with what you are getting its not going to be a problem for me to get something similar to what I have now.
  6. Jain and Chris

    Jain and Chris Senior Member

    No probs, you should find a suitable, reasonably priced internet connection here. The one thing which you won't find is a "pay as you go" system, which is a right pain if you lose your connection and really need to get your mail. However, there are plenty of mobile phone connections available and you can always drive to an OMV garage, most of which have wifi free internet anyway. Plus most hotels and cafes now have free wifi connection so you can always grab a fat coffee or cold beer and still keep in touch :)
  7. LofRek

    LofRek New Member

    I was living in Varna for some time and had some bad experience about the Internet connection. I had to call my Internet provider every 2 days because the internet was not working. From what I know the quality of the connection is a common problem in Bulgaria.

    As Jain and Chris are saing there is absolutely no problem with using skype there, but I really do not think you will find an offer for 20mb for approx. 20GBP. I was paying something like 20-30levs (10-12GBP) per month for... 512kb.
  8. CCKB Ltd Properties

    CCKB Ltd Properties New Member

    I am no computer expert, but there are quite a few internet providers now, wireless is getting more popular too. Do you know other people in your apartments who may have internet? Does your apartment complex have a reception? I would have thought they would have it, could ask them but not necessarily use them to help.
    Skype is available throughout Bulgaria, no problem. I can't live without it :) brings the family closer
  9. petemosby

    petemosby New Member

    You didn't said where you are at the moment but somebody mentioned Varna. I live in Varna and the best option there is Spectrum Net and it's one of the cheapest and fastest there. Almost everywhere where there is BTC landline(which is the most common) they are providing ADSL internet too. Hope it was useful.
  10. JustinBarley

    JustinBarley New Member

    That depends on what part of Varna they are in...
    There's lots of options. But personally i think it's the best to find a good local ISP
    (by local i mean the ones that provide I-net for the neighborhood) for example in Asparuhovo it's called Lan Ultra and they have very good offers and good connection/speed at low rates
  11. KayJay

    KayJay New Member

    I pay around 16 euros a month in Sofia and get a REAL 20 meg connection plus over 100 TV channels. My clients in London pay over 15k pounds a year and get a slower connection....

    By and large, Bulgaria outperforms most parts of Europe in terms of bandwidth, availability and cost.

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