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internet vs. print media?

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by uskitty, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. uskitty

    uskitty New Member

    We just got our new site through real estate web design ( and now we are struggling with which way to market the site.
    Which way have you guys seen better ROI, internet or newspaper?
    Thank you
  2. dhcayman

    dhcayman New Member


    In my experience, direct mail (email) has always produced results - a clean database is needed, and otherwise inernet and specialty magazines.

    You can always target register your site, key words etc, but on an email database I have here of 3000 clean email addresses, whilst considered spam (and there are ways around that) I tend to get a decent response on advertising.

    hope that helps
  3. Bogzz

    Bogzz New Member

    well, internet are much better in newspaper, we all internet are deal world wide while newspaper has only in perspective are or location that we have a chance for ROI.. Internet are best strategy for promoting or dealing your product or services.. cheers
  4. orlandorealtor

    orlandorealtor New Member

    I personally would try to do a little of both, If you can get into a local newspaper at decent rates than do it. With the internet you are going to reach a larger target audience.
  5. hsc-online

    hsc-online New Member

    Good topic, Now in UK Online Marketing cost over Offline Marketing. Online marketing moving very fast, and internet users also increasing over 80% every year.

    But all depend on your market.If you target over 50% better to do both, if you target first time buyers 90% online. if you need more information please send me PM .
  6. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    I've never really seen any results from advertising websites offline, and I can easily see why this has been the case.

    I'm sat in front of my PC for the majority of the day. The only time I read newspapers or magazines are when I'm travelling, relaxing in front of the TV, having a meal or a quiet pint on my own, etc.

    Quite often I have come across an interesting link mentioned somewhere while I am reading and I've though, "I'll check that out next time I'm online".

    Nine times out of ten, however, I've completely forgotten about it by the time I get back on the PC and there are more pressing matters that need my attention.
  7. webestate

    webestate New Member

    Marketing site


    The best way to market your site may be advertising a much as you can on free forum boards and directories . Also paid advertising to Google will do and try to maximize customers satisfaction as possible as positive word of mouth will definitely help

  8. webestate

    webestate New Member

    Internet advertsising


    I would rather market my website on the internet then offline. who has time to read magazines and papers ??? Nah, people prefer to read all these in internet these days

    - WebEstate
  9. estate

    estate New Member

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  10. Melsa

    Melsa New Member

    Advertise your site

    Here in the deep dark jungle (South Africa) we use several methods, internet, newspapers, magazines and flyers. We have found with flyers that we may only get a response to it several months later. People will look at it and then file it or stick it on their fridges and then use it when they are actually looking for our services.
  11. jessicatam

    jessicatam New Member

    I would recommend doing both. You can get started with internet marketing without spending a large amount of money, but you can target better with offline marketing.
  12. Prop-erty

    Prop-erty New Member

    Any advice on where to gather more? We are just starting.
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