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International Hotels Wanted.

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by [email protected], Jan 16, 2008.


    [email protected] New Member

    We are lloking for Hotel / Resorts for Sale, off market that we can offer to our private investors relationship. We are located in the USA and we can help any principal that needs to sell fast.

    Hotel and Resorts Criteria.
    100 to 300 rooms.
    All inclusive
    4-5 star rated.
    Cap. return: 7% and over.
    In full operation.
    Luxury Class.
    Price range: $30 MM to $300 MM.

    Location preference:
    U.S. territory
    Puerto Rico..

    Prererably Hotels, on operation that can show a good cap.return.
    Our investors are looking for good profit and good quality deals.
    We also offer commercial financing loans for Hotel acquisition.
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