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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Minime, May 22, 2011.

  1. Minime

    Minime New Member

    Anyone know what studios in the spanish cluster are making at the moment ??
  2. dalvir bains

    dalvir bains New Member

  3. sriikanth

    sriikanth New Member

    Hey guys it isn't as bad as it is shown in the gulf news is only in the Persian cluster that the situation is so bad.

    studis in Spain cluster can be rented for about 17k for a studio.

  4. santoshkumar

    santoshkumar New Member

    dubai property

    hj srikanth, are you in dubai?
    i have two properties in dubai,
    can you give some details on loans for properties or exit routes. they are have just done 3rd floor. completion is likely by november this year if all goes well...without any more delays.

  5. AHK Enterprises

    AHK Enterprises New Member

    Most property in dubai has an annual Return on investment of 10% through rent +- depending on the number of checks and the view etc.
  6. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Please don't confuse the people ,there is not a single property generating this income currently in Dubai. We are living in a different time where the old tricks are not valid anymore
  7. AHK Enterprises

    AHK Enterprises New Member

    I dont know about u but i still have property that gives an ROI of 10% per annum on their current market value. Please do let me know if thats not the case.
  8. BobbytheBuilder

    BobbytheBuilder New Member

    I think you need to workout your ROI on what you paid for the property and not market value. Big difference.
  9. AHK Enterprises

    AHK Enterprises New Member

    Yes i stand corrected. its not the ROI but the current gross value.
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