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International city

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Minime, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Minime

    Minime New Member

    I have a studio in international city. and I must get the title deeds. I did email Nakeel two years ago I heard nothing back and i didn't chase it up since.
    Anyone know who I should contact and what cost I will be paying for the tiltle deed and for management cost.

  2. anil

    anil New Member

    Try contacting Service Charges [servicecharges at nakheel dot com]
    Ask if your title deeds are available and instructions for collection.

    It just takes a few minutes to collect the piece of paper from Nakheel but you will have to pay your service charges first.
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  3. Minime

    Minime New Member

    Anyone know what the services charge per year is for a studio the spanish cluster ?
  4. Bulldozer

    Bulldozer Hunter Gatherer ...

    You need to go in person to nakheel asset management office or nakheel sales centre to pay off service charges. or you can email them and get your seervice charges statement and then pay by internet banking. Just get in touch with nakheel.
    then to get title deeds you have to go to the land registry department in Deira to collect your title deed, that is if nakhell dont have it and give to you.
    If nakheel have it they could post it to you after you have cleared their service charges.
    If its with the land dept you will have to go get it yourself ( or POA to someone to get on your behalf)

    Speak to nakheel they should be able to sort it out for you.
    Mohamed idris is the supervisor of the relevant dept ( if hes not been sacked)
    his email is [email protected]
  5. BobbytheBuilder

    BobbytheBuilder New Member


  6. Land Sterling

    Land Sterling New Member

    As per our research, International City Service Charges for 2009 - 2010 period is approximately AED 10 per sq.ft.

  7. alden

    alden New Member

    Apartment\Studio, Building insurance.

    Is the building insurance included in the service charge, if so does anybody know how much it costs ?. Has anybody recived their service charge bill yet, its now over a year since we last paid and we have not heard anything from nakheel. Thanks.
  8. Minime

    Minime New Member

    Nakeel contacted me to today regarding management cost does this seam right

    plot 626 sq feet approx size of built up property 479 sq feet costs 5001.15

    Do they charge for pick up of title deed ?
  9. alden

    alden New Member

    Service Charge

    Hi. We have not heard anything from nakheel as yet,but if they are charging 5000aed which works out about £870 then from what we saw the last time we was there its too much. Regarding title deeds we picked ours up while we was there,but they will not give you your deeds until you are up to date with your service charge payments.
  10. Minime

    Minime New Member

    They said they will give me the deeds when I have 2010 managment paid but if I sell I have to pay for the managment from April 10 to date of selling.
  11. aziqbal

    aziqbal New Member

    how much is everyone getting for rent for Studio in Greece sector? I have got 24,000 AED, and my tenant is always paying me late!! he gives me so much trouble and is already owe me 600 AED!!! im fed up with this dubai business and i want to now sell my flat!!

    how much can i sell my flat for?
  12. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    around 180k
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