International City: Studio For Sale Grecee/England

Discussion in 'Overseas Property For Sale' started by faheem2241, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. faheem2241

    faheem2241 Guest

    Dear All,
    Studio for sale in Greece.
    Building no K12
    View: Lake View
    Type: Studio With Balcony Direct Facing to Lake
    Condition Vacant Brand New.
    Selling price: 560000Aed All inclisive
    Tenant is Ready to take 60,000Aed on rent for2 checks.
  2. adil100

    adil100 New Member

    Hi Faheem, I have a ready client for it. He wants a studio in either Greece, England or Italy. If you have a better price option in either of the three, please let me know, and could you kindly forward me their detail max by tommorow.. AND PROVIDE ME WITH YOUR CONTACT NUMBER so i can get into direct touch with with you.

    My email address is devilinthetown at hotmail dot com

    Plz if you can do it byt tommorw i will appreciate it. Thanks.

    Adil Khan.
  3. faheem2241

    faheem2241 Guest

    dear adil i can offer you greece with title deed and can close deal by tomorrow earliest or today.
  4. adil100

    adil100 New Member


    Hey Faheem brother you ccan add me now on msn, and the client wants it transferred on the spot once the deal gets through.
  5. faheem2241

    faheem2241 Guest

    dear adil you can add me up at SWEETASWINE at hotmail cooom

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