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International City Retail/Shops

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by careful, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. careful

    careful New Member

    can anyone plz inform me about the rent range of the shops available in IC.
  2. careful

    careful New Member

    dragon mart shop rents

    i need some info on dragonmart shop rent and will i need local sponsorship to start a business over there? who should i contact about dragon mart leasing ?
    thanx for any ideas
  3. SAH

    SAH New Member

    Anyone selling their shops? Please post details.
  4. SAH

    SAH New Member

    Please can you post here the details so other members can see also.

    Retail/Shop Size:
    Ready or Waiting for Posesion:
    Payment Terms:

    Thank you,
  5. careful

    careful New Member

    Please post the rentals too
  6. sanairug

    sanairug Guest

    Dragon Mart shops are only avilable for the Traders who have an established business in China they can open there branch and it comes under Jabel Ali free zone which mean no sponcer required.
  7. eyeC

    eyeC Senior Member

    they never try to give useful info just advertise
  8. eyeC

    eyeC Senior Member

    690 dhs per sq foot
  9. hhhh

    hhhh Guest

    england cluster shop rent

    please anybody can give me any idea of expected shop rental per sq ft in England cluster or running rental in other cluster that will be highly appreciated
  10. aveshbachav

    aveshbachav New Member

    Dear Nadeem,
    can you provide me with information about startinf freezone biz in IC or one of its shops and the costs associated with it?
  11. SAH

    SAH New Member

    They all r sucks they do just advertisement and no usefull information
  12. sanairug

    sanairug Guest

    Shops for sale in & Rent in International City

    International City is a very successful project and your shop are
    > unique.
    > The cluster handed over so far are.
    1. Italy
    2. China
    3. Persia
    4. Moracco

    International city is getting occupied very fast and shops are most needed at the moment but they are moving very slow the main reason is.
    > * This is first time happening that International City shops get
    > the Trade license from Jafza (Jabel Ali Free Zone) Mean you do
    > not need a local sponsor to open a business.
    > * The guide line from Nakheel what to open and the trade license
    > procedure is very complicated.
    > * International city still need at least a year to complete
    > there is no transport, no landscaping, still construction is
    > going on most of the clusters.
    > * The shops are empty shell who ever rent the shop need to spent
    > lots of money in the beginning to decorate the shops. ( that
    > is why you have to offer free period to fix the shops 30 to 60 day).

    Please don’t take me wrong I am just telling you the facts which I
    > believe why International City shops are not renting fast.

    The Nakheel guide line is very harsh and they are only allow certain catogary to operate in internationals city. I am very actively renting and selling shops in International city and did understand most of the procedure as how to get a license in International City.

    The going rates for rental are as under.


    AED65 Per sq ft to 80 Sq ft on gross depending on location and the size, The market have uncertainty as mostly big estate agents over pricing the shops to please there clients which is causing more empty period. Realistic they can rent for the above price provided you are willing to give them the free period of up to 60 Days .

    Due to the sewerage plant is next door Morocco is getting the hit of that and any one is careful to rent or buy in Morooco but still it can rent for AED65 per sq ft to AED75 Per sq ft on gross

    Most popular at the moment because Italy is the only cluster in International City were only four buildings have shops out of 24 building in total. The going rent is from 75 Per sq ft to 85 Per sq ft.

    Sale is same depending on locations Italy is going for 850-900 Per sq ft Persian & China 700-750 Per sq ft and Morocco is 675-700 Per sq ft.
    > Any assitance you need regarding the shop in international city let me know.
    Nadeem [email protected]
    00971 50 8551778
  13. aveshbachav

    aveshbachav New Member

    thanks but

    thanks for ur researched info. You have not provided the cream of info like what biz can and cannot be done at IC under JAFZA and what JAFZA charges for their license. Other info like what sort of sales and demand is there for goods and services. Whats the minimum shop rent plus JAFZA fees plus fees for employee's visa, etc.

    Would appreciate replies for the above
  14. sanairug

    sanairug Guest

    The License fee is in two parts one is fee for year which is AED8000.00 Per year, the other fee is on off, If you are opening a new Free zone company there is AED15532.00 registration fee and you need to show AED 100000.00 in bank .Most of the license is OK but if you like to open Real Estate, Travel Agency, Transport Company, Rent A Car, You can only open a Branch office which mean you must have another office in Dubai under a economy department then only you can only operate a branch office in International City , Other wise, All other license you can apply apart from General Trading License, Maintenance Company, Building material supply
  15. eyeC

    eyeC Senior Member

    rental agreement

    it would be great if someone can attach a sample of a rental agreement for a shop in IC.

    sanairug can you please provide us a link to information regarding shops in IC
  16. sanairug

    sanairug Guest

    Letting agreemenst and the terms

    Here is the link cut past this will tell you all about the laws and terms in Dubai renting
  17. eyeC

    eyeC Senior Member

    how good the shops are in IC

    well if they wont give you permission to open a trade how can it be rented
    the developer doesnt think about the ppl who paid money up front hoping to get returns on ther investment
    and even if you do have a trade you wanna start and have a good business plan how can you compete with the chinease next door (dragon mart)they sell anything you want very cheap...well i guess we just have to wait and see
    i feel sorry for all the shop owners even thou most fo them are the BUILDING OWNERS so they just lost the bonus
  18. eyeC

    eyeC Senior Member

    what link sanairug

    this is forced advertisement and i will never press this P
  19. SAH

    SAH New Member

    Dear Friends,

    I am going to buy a small shop in china block to do some business anyone suggest its future/demand? otherwise i will look other options?

    Thank you for your help.

  20. blinkybill

    blinkybill New Member

    I think the place needs a pub!;)
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