International City Phase III



Hunter Gatherer ...
Dear All

I just wanted to let you all know about an update on my dealings with The Liquidation Committee at Dubai Court and the solicitors in Dubai dealing with Vancouver Tower, Toronto Tower and Global Point.

Global Point – starting settlements, am liaising with solicitors on the best way forward as the available funds for this project are still not fully released by Al Attar. Can update those interested.

Vancouver and Toronto Towers are under active settlement - at last count over 50 cases have now been settled through the solicitor since i achieved my own (mine was the 7th) in December 2017.

I have just completed the settlements for 2 further investors (nos 5 and 6 that I have now completed) :

5. Mr C - Percentage recouped of 40% (initially agreed at 35% then increased to 40%) f invested amount, completed in 2019

6. Mr C & Ms M – Percentage recouped of 40% of invested amount, completed in 2019

If you haven't started your own settlement, I urge you to start now - the pace is such that the settlement cases are now being prepared in batches. In addition the settlement percentages will be dropping soon to 30-35% - Al Attar is settling at lower percentages, claiming a variety of excuses and delaying tactics.

I am still offering assistance to achieve your settlement on your behalf, references are available upon request if you wish to speak with those whom I’ve already completed settlements for. There are some costs involved, and I do charge a fee. Please get in touch directly for more information, and to discuss your own situation.

All the best, and hope you've managed to get some money back!