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International City Persia Pictures

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by maryjo, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. maryjo

    maryjo New Member

    Has anyone recent pictures of Persia. I have been given the completion date for our apartment as 15th January, but will believe it when I see it. Anyone else bought in Persia who has been given dates for completion? Anyone seen it in the last week? Does it look as though it will be finshed for next week? Cheers
  2. nima

    nima New Member

    pictures of persia

    hi all

    i am new to this interesting forum and would like to share a recent pics of persia sector jan2007 which is ready for possession according to my building owner who expects delivery before 15th january as well.

    service charges are exhorbitant but no choice but to pay up to get those keys!!!


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  3. nima

    nima New Member

    Excellent Pics

    Well Done for the good pics of persia. Looks scary though with no facilities around at the moment except the desert and lake. What the hell is going on with the project management of this area!!!also are there any lifts in the buildings or do we have to take the stairs all the way up!!!
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  4. shuaib

    shuaib New Member

    Great Pics. Wayneis

    Those are very good pictures of Persia. Worth for the effort you put in . I will be in dubai in Feb hope to get the possession as my agent promised by feb first week.Nakheel seems not doing the best for the investors & this will disheart further for the investor for future investment.
  5. sanairug

    sanairug Guest

  6. gtmash

    gtmash New Member

    Some new photos of Persia.

    You'll notice that my 3rd floor studio has a different balcony door than wayneis' 4th floor studio photos.

    The photo with my tiny car in the corner has Forbidden City grounds in the background.

    The photo with my big car has Greece construction far in the background.

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  7. wayneis

    wayneis New Member

    More Studio Handover

    Persia Studio Handover
    Sloppy Paint work
    Circut Breaker Box behind Entrance Door


    Entrance door


    All electrical Switches looked like this

    Space for Fridge

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  8. reddevil82

    reddevil82 New Member

    The Lift


    Its NOT a ghost town, China got handed over first and hence a few buildings are fully leased with even shops opening up towards "D" buildings, opposite the blue textile city warehouses


    I can take more pics on request. Current access to Italy, China and Persia only. Other clusters are delayed.
  9. maryjo

    maryjo New Member

    would love to see some pics of persia and how it is looking now that it is completed. How is the surrounding areas looking now? Any foliage been planted etc.?

  10. kully sanghera

    kully sanghera New Member

  11. askin07

    askin07 New Member

    Video of a Studio Apt in England Cluster

    There's a link to a video of a Studio Apartment in England Cluster in InternationalCityDXB website. This unit has a balcony...
  12. haider_dubai

    haider_dubai New Member

    does any one know what is the on going price of 1 BR apartment in persia cluster
  13. yousf

    yousf New Member

    Do anybody own's any appartment in international city, i would like to purchase it from direct seller. Please update me on this if some one have it, we make the deal right away.
    Thank you & have nice day

    Yousuf Javed
  14. bigboi

    bigboi New Member

    Hi Javed

    I have a 1 bed in int city pase 3.

    I am looking for around £80k.

    Please let me know your thoughts
  15. yousf

    yousf New Member

    Well your apartment looks interesting to me..can you send me further details at yousuf_javed at yahoo dot com & we can take it from there. Thank you.

    Yousuf Javed
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