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International City - Park Views, Phase III

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by defosco, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. defosco

    defosco New Member

    Hi there,
    Just over a year ago we put down a deposit for a Studio flat in Park Views. Has anyone else bought a property in this area? It was meant to be completed by September this year (2007) but with obvious delays I don't think it's even been started. We don't get much news from the people managing the sale and we always have to contact them to get any updates. We're starting to get worried now and I was trying to find some reassurance....

    Debbie :(
  2. wahid121

    wahid121 New Member

    Hello defosco,
    I bought from Besthomes, but the master developers are Nakheel, I have been told they are not releasing the land for construction work to begin. Although I have not been able to get Nakheel to confirm whether this is the case.
    Regards, to your purchase, who did u but it off, and who are the developers, also what area is Park Views?
  3. defosco

    defosco New Member

    we bought it through Investors Provident but gdpinvestments have now taken over. The Property Platform were also involved at one point. to be honest i'm not sure who did what, it's hard to keep track of it all! I just got an e-mail today from GDPinvestments stating: "The PSA’s are in final draft format and Nakheel the master developer have confirmed that these will be issued in conjunction with the final permit and the commencement of full construction once the developer status has been agreed with the lands dept, which is currently in hand."

    i'm not exactly sure of which part park view will be though. i'm quite happy to wait as the prices are increasing steadily and we've probably already made at least our 30% deposit back. we don't need to pay any more until completion so for a very small initial investment it'll be worth more once finished (hopefully!)

    let us know if you hear anything!
  4. g4set

    g4set New Member

    I also bought a 1 bed apartment in 'Park Lane' development - Acording to press release it is due for completiom late 2008 or 2009. Lets hope this is so because originally it was due jan 2008
    If I hear any more I will let you know
    There is also a forum on eye on the world property
  5. muqarabin

    muqarabin New Member

    Cambridge Residence

    I bought a 1 bed apartment in Cambridge Residence and I am told completion is Dec2008....... Anybody have any picture of International City Phase it close to the current International City. I hear it is next to the Dubai Silicon Oasis...that should make it a fantastic investment with potential of huge capital growth.
  6. g4set

    g4set New Member

    Park Lane

    Who told you they would be finished Dec 08 - last I heard they hadn't even got final ok to start building? Dec 07 was last update I have some picture of the desert where they are supposed to be putting in the infastructure. Problems with services drains power etc. So many buildings going up infastructure not in place.
  7. muqarabin

    muqarabin New Member

    Dec08 Completion


    I believe Cambridge Residence is being built by GPD Investments (UK) Ltd. I still spoke to them this morning and they said they still expect to complete cambridge residence in Dec08, they said the building work is just set to start on Cambridge. Now they are either on target to meet the Dec08 schedule for cambridge residence or they are just taking the p!55. but that is the information I have.

    They said to me this morning that they have six developements on Phase III

    The other 5 are Eton, Mayfair, Oxford, Kensington & Park Lane in the England Part of IC Phase III.

    They are starting with Cambridge and expect to finish it in Dec08. Now may be they just told me that because I bought my 1 bed in Cambridge.
  8. viswanath

    viswanath New Member

    Park Lane

    Hi all,

    I gather 'Park lanedevelopment is scheduled to commence in the middle of 2009....
  9. muqarabin

    muqarabin New Member

    It wouldnt surprise me as I have given up hope of Cambridge residence being completed for Dec2008. Dreamshome ww went to dubai last month and they sent me pictures of their trip and all that was evident is vast lands being prepared for construction...they have not even dug foundations yet so I wont lose sleep over completion and time soon
  10. defosco

    defosco New Member

    I've just sent another e-mail to GDP to get an update. i'm a bit worried as i've not seen many people mentioning "Park Views"! Do any of you know about PV and what stage of construction they're at?

    Our deposit was paid in September 2006 and 1 1/2 years on we have to contact them for an update! We're really getting worried now!

    The update we got in december 07 was the same as yours g4set.
  11. defosco

    defosco New Member

    Hot off the press!

    Hi guys! well, further to my previous post (about sending an e-mail to GDP) I've had a very swift response in deed (literally a couple of hours!). Here's what the e-mails and attachments said:

    Debbie, i have sent another update recently to Investors Provident but it sounds like it was not sent to you attached is an update but since then we have received the green light re the PSA and we are going to send them out ASAP ,it will take a while as there is around 50 pages that have to be checked and signed and there are 2 sets needed as we have around 700 to send out we are going to do a block at a time but it will be with you shortly .I am not sure which block you are in but i will send you the estimated start and completion dates we have been given.Any more questions please email me .

    Estimated dates for completion:




    also see attachment of a newsletter.

    Could we let each other know if/when we start receiving the PSA's?

    good news/bad news? what do you think?

    Attached Files:

  12. g4set

    g4set New Member

    Park Lane

    Ive just recived an email from dreamhomes offering me a another apartment that has come back on the market in eaton residence a 1 bed is now £88,000 so they are still marketing the development.
    GP develpments informed me that I could get my deposit back less 5% costs but once the building permit is issued the price will shoot upby about 20%
    but I'm concered that its all a con and nothing will get built. I suggest you give them till end of may to confirm a start date and then demand your money back if nothing happens
  13. muqarabin

    muqarabin New Member

    5% cost is not acceptable

    That is unacceptable, why should we (investors) have to ay the cost of administration (5%) for them (GPD & Dubai) not keeping up with their end of the bargain with regards to completion date????
  14. sriikanth

    sriikanth New Member

    Al Jawzaa IC Phase 3

    Good day to all

    I have recently bought a studio in ic phase 3 and when I went there to see it the infrastructure is still not complete from Nakheel

    does anyone have any news about this developement from Tameer as I see it the buidling will not be ready even by the end of 2009....:(
  15. sriikanth

    sriikanth New Member

    international city phase 3


    My name is srikant and Ihave bought a studio in Al Jawzaa by tameer in international city phase 3 and the construction is going on in full speed I have also seen that there are a few other buildings which have started construction in that area. rest assured from now the contruction will be in full swing
  16. SSM

    SSM Member

    Pictures of Phase III if possible

    Hello Srikant,

    If you live nearby, would it be possible to take pictures of the Toronto and Vancouver buildings by Al Attar also in Phase III. I am concerned about the lack of activity annd would like to know if construction has started on these projects (due for completion in 2010). Unfortunately I live in the UK and have to rely on what Al Attar tell us, which is very little.
  17. mushtaqh12

    mushtaqh12 New Member

    Vancouver Tower in international city

    Hello SSM

    I have also invested in Vancouver Tower and the latest update is that Al Attar's consultants are in pursue to get a NOC from Dubai government (they must have put some really useless consultants on this as this pursuing has been going on for last 6 months now) to start the construction. On the ground, there are no obvious signs that would suggest of construction getting off the ground soon apart from some fencing. Please visit 'alattar-properties's website for futher info. The website was last update in April 2007. I am also based in UK and if you get any new info. about the above tower, pls. share it on this website.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2008
  18. M.B

    M.B New Member

    hi everybody buying from alattar

    please send email to alattar and ask them in these regards:

    long delay?
    clarification in problem in getting NOC?
    their suggestion to compensate us?

    every week i send email to them but there is no answer!!!!
  19. 9009Ali

    9009Ali New Member

    I am a UK investor in Vancouver Tower in IC3. I've just noticed an update on the Al-Attar site as below. I think they have received the NOC certificate but now they are awaiting Clearence from the Infastructure Contactor before the work can begin.

    I recently spoke to Catherine from Al-Attar and after some swift words I discovered that they have changed the Consultants from the Canadian's to some other. I did ask for her to email me the name of the new contactor / consultant but now email received.

    Keep this threaded updated on any progress .. Thanks

    Ali :)

    Location: Vancouver, Plot # IC3-T-04
    Sub: Progress Report as on July 10, 2008 as following:

    • Plot Fencing completed
    • Compliance certificate received from master developer Nakheel
    • Soil test completed
    • Anticipated project completion by early 2010

    The site fencing and soil test has been completed. Enabling works will start after we get the clearance from the infrastructure contractor.

    A new SPA will be issued as per mandated by RERA that incorporates the new Strata Law, Anticipated completion and construction dates, and Revised Payment Plan. You will be notified when your new SPA is ready.

    This was Posted on the Al Attar site as of : July 10, 2008
  20. M.B

    M.B New Member

    Hi everybody

    I have receeived this email recently from Alattar.I think we shall wait and hope for the starting:

    Dear Sir,

    The best option is to keep holding the unit you will not get any property at
    this time for the price you paid
    The completion of the project will be in 2010
    If you are really upset of the project and want to get rid of it you can
    cancel the unit, we will pay you back all your instalments with 3% interest.

    Best Regards,
    Bipin Balakrishnan
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