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International City Lake District II - Launch

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by MusTafA_aLi, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. MusTafA_aLi

    MusTafA_aLi New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    There is the launch of International City Lake District Phase 2 next week...starting from Sunday...

    Anyone knows, what's the scene like...

    1 BR is starting from approx. AED 1.2m...
  2. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    I hope they sell it quick and start registering the existing units with the land department
  3. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    do you have any more info? like how to register etc etc
  4. MusTafA_aLi

    MusTafA_aLi New Member

    I got a call from Nakheel if i am interested for the registration...

    I have an appointment for 8:00am Sunday is a three day launch...

    I know the first phase wasn't that popular but still sold a lot of units...

    However, Lake District is a solid investment keeping end-users in mind...

    Same was the case with International City...

    It was unpopular but today u will find such a long waiting list for either a flat or even a commercial unit...

    The reason being...people want to live within Dubai...

    At this point International City is the only feasible option...same is the case with Lake District...while prices are rocketing to the sky everywhere else...a 1 BR at AED 1.2m is quiet reasonable...for a community with Water features and extensive greenery...

    The best part is that it is from Nakheel at that price...and keeping it's reputation at stake the project will be a well developed community...on par with Mizin or Badrah...
  5. MusTafA_aLi

    MusTafA_aLi New Member

    Try calling Nakheel on 04-3903333...and try to register yourself...SIMPLE ;)

    BEST OF LUCK !!!!
  6. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    hmmm any websites where i can register??
  7. MusTafA_aLi

    MusTafA_aLi New Member

    try... International City
  8. scorpionking

    scorpionking New Member

    I have an appointment for 26th July at 12 noon. I want a 3 % premium. If you are interested call me on 050 7686495
  9. MusTafA_aLi

    MusTafA_aLi New Member

    I went there today...the payment plan is very difficult man...

    U pay 10% now and 15% on November 1st...after that the plan will be on track with the previous launch of Lake District...

    Range is 1.2m to 1.55m for a 1 Bed, 1.6m to 2m for a 2 Bed and 3 Bed are over 2.4m...

    Sizes are quiet decent which makes the rate approx. 1300 psf...which is a good thing but arranging 25% within 2 months is pretty tight...

    I was unable to buy anything...well anywayz...

    Best of Luck man...for your appointment...
  10. Trend XP

    Trend XP Banned

    In 1.3m to 1.7 you can own ready apartment in dubai marina..
  11. ProperDub

    ProperDub New Member

    Hi MusTafA,

    I was in International City this weekend, huge development but a bit crowded, it depends on your preferences. Definitely less greenery than Discovery Gardens. Residents are just starting to move in, wondering what the occupancy rate will be?
  12. mpat

    mpat New Member

    A friend of mine is selling 2 bed in lake district for less than OP, does it mean that market is cooled down ? ? ?
  13. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    How he can sell less than the OP is he losing money or the OP is not real
    Please explain if you can give us some numbers we will appreciate.
    As far as I remember the OP was 900 per sqft
  14. mpat

    mpat New Member

    Hi georgihh

    You are right , he is losing money. He just want to get rid of it.

    He bought at 900per sq ft. Paid 10% of it. and now he wants only 8% instead of 10%.No commission nothing except for transfer charges if its levied by Nakheel.

    Actaully this is a good oppertunity for those who can hold on to this project till completion. I was thinking myself to put money in it, but my money is stuck in India.
  15. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Hi Mpat,

    Could be a distressed case - OR - a case of panic. Units bought with the intent of flipping will have such effects.


  16. sasherwani2

    sasherwani2 New Member

    I am not surprised.. a project like International City selling a one bedroom for 1.2 mill? Are you kidding me. It should be nomore than 400k
  17. mpat

    mpat New Member

    Yes that s the case Roshan.

    people thought tht it will be flipped ina month or so but could not work out that way. but this is a good project for end users and long term investors , right ???
  18. Investor2008

    Investor2008 New Member

    Yes excatly this is what happend to me .... I thought I would be able to sell it fast... I agree with MPT that this product is designed for end users only .... so if you are an end user or you know any end user ... this is the right product for you/him to live in .... it's specious and reasonably priced ....

    if you are intersted or you have some one who is intersted, I am willing to sell my 1 br and 2 br at the original price .... yes as I have other commitments to meet ... my mobile # is 00971 50 8918190 ....

  19. kamasi

    kamasi New Member

    lake district pahse 1

    :Dheloo does anyone hav a deatails masterplan of the lake district phase 1 any pics will be appreciated. thanks
  20. zhouguoyaogeorge

    zhouguoyaogeorge New Member

    lake district pahse 1

    if you are intersted or you have some one who is intersted, I am willing to sell my 2 bed room at the minus original price 100,000 DHS .... yes as I have other commitments to meet ... my mobile # is 00971 50 7246139 ....
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
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