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Interesting Videos on Dubai Property Crash

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by sonofthedesert, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. stumbled

    stumbled New Member

  2. paul66

    paul66 New Member

    Emaar Chairman expects demand to exceed supply in 1 to 1.5yrs

    Also...for the Western Countries, the British Media and those who wish Dubai to fail...He reiterates the fact that DUBAI IS PART OF THE UAE and help from Abu Dhabi is help from a brother NOT an enemy!:beer:

    Here's the Video on CNBC...
    Video -

  3. Saeid

    Saeid New Member

    THe chances of things getting better are same as them getting worse. I for one, am hanging on to my money. I will not listen to any one saying things are getting better. Even when they do, investing in the UAE is not an option we will consider any more. It's not because we wish Dubai to fall, it just a matter of once bitten, twice shy. We've been lied to and cheated here more than once. As oppose to Malaysia, where we invested in an off plan flat. We saw it last July and were so pleasantly surprised with the build quality and the service we received.
  4. paul66

    paul66 New Member

    Of course, every developer is different, its not based on any individual country, all countries have crap developers as well as good ones.
  5. Ajmanprop

    Ajmanprop New Member

    True.... but that part of the world seems to attract more than its fair share of crap developers, like a magnet. What's more, developers seem be taking advantage of an evolving legal structure and operating with impunity. Even when the legal structure evolves leaves much to be desired.
  6. stumbled

    stumbled New Member

  7. oasis2buyer

    oasis2buyer Banned

    It's over supply at the moment and has been for a long time now - no confidence in the market due to non delivery and projects have halted to a stop - holes and empty plots left as a reminder to anyone who placed faith in it - all you got for the trouble was your money sinking into the holes in the sand!

    Dubai homes oversupply may hit 150,000 by end 2011
    by Andy Sambidge view it on Wednesday, 20 January 2010

    Dubai got themselves in the mess lets see how they can recover - with no investor confidence left they have no chance!!
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  8. Tonypam

    Tonypam New Member


    I think expecting/ hoping RERA to help settle the issues regarding the one sided purchase agreements is wishful thinking. RERA is part of the DUbai govt. and as such is only interested in making a profit, with no regards for doing the right thing. Now if they can see some sort of a financial gain from doing the right thing, then there is hope.

    In Dubai in case you haven't noticed, there is no right or wrong. Only business as usual.
  9. oasis2buyer

    oasis2buyer Banned

    [ame=]YouTube - Dubai real estate investors angry[/ame]

    The guy on the left in this video above may well find himself behind bars as what happened to these guys below

    Former Tamweel boss jailed in corruption probe - Islamic Finance -

    Here's a short extract from it:

    "The former chief executive of Islamic lender Tamweel and three other officials were handed jail terms by the Dubai criminal court on Sunday, following a corruption probe aimed at boosting transparency in the Gulf Arab emirate.

    Adel al-Shirawi, who was dismissed as Tamweel chief executive in 2008, was found guilty of accepting bribes and profiting from the sale of land in a Dubai project and sentenced to three years in jail.

    In addition to the jail term, Shirawi was fined and ordered to repay funds.

    The court also gave one-year jail terms to other Tamweel officials, Feras Khaltoum and board member Saad Abdul-Razak, finding them guilty of squandering funds.

    Tamweel is one of the UAE's biggest mortgage lenders along with Amlak. The two firms, hard hit by Dubai's property collapse, are being restructured by the government and have not traded since 2008. (Reuters)"
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  10. shari1234

    shari1234 New Member

    Thanks for sharing
  11. Mark2011

    Mark2011 New Member

    First video is bogus and should be removed.
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  12. easygoing

    easygoing New Member

    Jus come back from Dubai and believe me there are no rules or regulations that the goverment can apply to change the situaiton. I visited some constructions sites myself and found 1 person woking on a 20 storey building.
    In some areas the buildings are occupied by about 6 families with the balance of the 15 floors empty.
    things will not change very quickly I would say being optimistic it will take about 5years before any movement. That is if Dubai goverment can stay afloat.
    Get your money out if you can ASAP
  13. susanauae

    susanauae New Member

    Informative videos and these have added into my information about Dubai property crash, its reasons and current situation. But I think that there is a bit exaggeration in the representation of Dubai Property crisis.
  14. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    First of all very few people can get their money back as the prices are bellow OP.
    Second the situation can change very quickly, with all the unrests in the Arab world,
    Thousands of People with descent cash can arrive in Dubai. Why not from Japan?
    Also Dubai should go ahead with the dream projects soon or later and more relaxed property law is expected in the near future.
    And finally the whole world is picking up again and Dubai will follow.
    Sometime next year prices will start going up again
  15. pattaya

    pattaya New Member

    People saw things different then they really are !
  16. James Greg

    James Greg Banned

    Its all how people spread the word around. The exaggeration is all a creation of media which portrays situation in a far worse manner than really is. The news that floated of Dubai economy crashing should have sent the residents in starvation and misery but none of it happened. Although many small businesses had to shut down, but they were the ones that were already drowned in debt due to their own policies. Situations do not change overnight but it is not as worse as hyped.
  17. James Greg

    James Greg Banned

    All the information and videos shared by you are good and useful for investors and buyers as well. I have visited Dubai Marina, Business Bay and Jumeirah Lake towers to find better results in this regards. These are also good places to invest and finding better results.Jumeirah Lake Towers - Presentation - YouTube
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