Interesting article on the world’s hottest property markets

Discussion in 'Property Market News and Trends' started by FWL, Apr 18, 2018.

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    Interesting - these "hottest" markets could very easily become the "coldest" markets if the worldwide economy takes a down turn :)
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    It would be interesting to learn how much "froth" there is in these hottest markets because in an economic downturn it will simply just disappear. Indeed, we have seen in years gone by that "hot spots" can experience a more severe downturn than traditional markets in troubled times.
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    Are the German regions in this article still as "hot" bearing in mind the political challenges in Germany at the moment? Chancellor Merkel is under massive pressure and there is a real chance that she will lose power and be forced out of office. As one of the leading supporters of the EU, where would this leave the troublesome EU project?
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    OhhhhMyyyGod!! I felt very strange upon seeing the results. I haven't expected these names. Yeah!! Really an Interesting article!
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    I always find intriguing to see how quickly property market trends can turn, what may been hot one year is frozen cold the next year having been dropped like a stone by investors. However, sometimes these markets which have been hot at some point, but fallen out of favour, can fall too far and start to look oversold. Those who continue to focus on the “hot” markets could be missing out on some very interesting long-term gems.

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