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Hi there, so I have found out that my very very elderly grandparents have very kindly put me in their will as the only person they would like to leave their home to, this is due to the fact I paid for an extention to be built on the house. I only recently moved out with my partner as we have a child on the way and have bought a home of our own. In their will they have stated that my mother who still lives with my grandparents (her parents) is allowed to stay living in the property for the rest of her life, which she also intends to do. As a new family we don't want to move back in with my mother but a 3 bedroom home compared to our small 2 bed flat would be much better suited especially with a growing child. My mother doesn't work nor will she and if in the will it states she can live there is this a legally binding thing or can we discuss her being housed elsewhere? Obviously I will not see her homeless and if needs be she can and will stay in the home whilst we save up to buy ourselves a bigger property in time. Also if I have inherited this property and it is now in my name along with our own flat and we in the future want to move and increase our mortgage loan will the fact I already have a property in my name elsewhere be an issue?

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There are a number of facts to take into consideration here:-

- If your mother agrees to move out of the property, as far as I'm aware, this is perfectly aboveboard
- Having an additional property in your name, I presume the mortgage is fully paid up, is a positive and could even be used as collateral against a future mortgage. Therefore, I don't think this will have a negative impact on your ability to raise finance in the future

That said, you would still need to pass the mortgage affordability test for your new property/mortgage.


While there is nothing stopping you having a chat with your mother about living elsewhere, is there not a moral issue at hand here? Your grandparents may have left the property to you but they have stated that their daughter, your mother, should stay in the property for the rest of her life. Tricky one.


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As far as I am aware, as long as both parties agree to a change in the deceased instructions then this shouldn't be a problem. Would your mother feel pressured if you brought the subject up?


Have you asked your mother how she feels about moving home?