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Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by portugalmaybe, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. portugalmaybe

    portugalmaybe New Member

    Well no one answered our other post!!

    Does anyone have experience of living in coastal (or within 20 minutes of coast) "real" Portugal but not too far from facilities and if so what can you tell me about the infrastructure? Is it established or still developing? We would not want to be any further north than Costa Lisboa or midway up Costa de Prata. What is the rainfall like in these areas in the winter?

    Sorry to ask such basic questions
  2. manor park

    manor park New Member


    Have you looked at east of Faro, not touristy like the west algarve, some nice small towns and with a short drive you can be in the busy areas if you want or over the border into Spain.

    The weather is also very good.

  3. omostra06

    omostra06 New Member

    We Live at Tomar about 40 mins inland from the Silaver Coast, its a lovely area lots to do and see, lakes, rivers, mountains, forests, lovely old historic villages and Towns, as well as lots to do in the way of entertainment, theatre, cinema, bars, clubs, resturants, museums, art galleries etc. the road and rail system is excellent where we are much better than some of the places nearer the coast, dont forget some of these coastal towns close down and are almost ghost towns in the winter, better to live in a 'real' town that has lots of life all year round. we also have the 40 mile long lake of Castello Do Bode right on our doorstep, much nicer with its stunning scenery and lovely sandy bays for swimming, calm fresh water. great for sailing, skiing, canoeing, speedboats etc. and Lisbon airport only 1 hour away.
    its a fantastic area, oh and property prices are much better value for money than places near the coast.
    take a look on our website for info on our area
    GekkoPortugal: A guide to Living, working and buying property in Central Portugal
  4. MarcoSousa

    MarcoSousa New Member

    Where to stay

    The whole coastline has a pretty good highway infrastucture so distance/time is very relative. If you want to avoid the busy Lisbon area, and by infrastructure you mean, schools, shopping centre, hospital, etc, nothing big but all the modern convienences. Perhaps Torres Vedras is a location for you. Its real Portugal, 20 min drive to the beach (once the highway is completed it will be much less), windmills, rolling hills. 40 min from Lisbon. Property prices aren´t exagerated.

    Rainfall, well, this year has been a bit diferent to the usual since the southern region of Portugal has suffered from higher rainfall this year than the northern region which tipically takes the prize. I´ve been to England and Ireland and I can safely say, any where in Portugal the weathers better. Ive regularly traveled up and down Portugal and have been linked to the property market. If you need further specific info, let me know
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