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Informative international property sites?

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by SarahShams, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. SarahShams

    SarahShams New Member

    Hello everyone,
    As you can see im new here and im very much a beginner in the property business . So i just thought of asking you guys, are there any websites with good country profiles which i can just view without registering or you know without paying to view them?
    And on a general note what do you think is a good site and what do you guys prefer?

    Anxiously waiting for the replies. Thank you
  2. rama1

    rama1 New Member

    I would search by region and I am sure you will find all necessary resources.
  3. DC

    DC Member

    Good point maybe on Totally Property there should be country guides.
    What sort of information do you want?
  4. Anthony

    Anthony New Member

    Information on Brazil

    Hi Fayezah
    I´m new to the forum too, but my company focusses on Brazil and there are some good downloads on web site.
    Let me know if we can be of assistance.
  5. Sunny Days

    Sunny Days Member do lots of guides. Look in the overseas section (small tab on top of home page) - then you get choices of continents - choices of countries and guides to help with different types of purchases.
    Enjoy your research!
    Sunny Days
  6. SarahShams

    SarahShams New Member


    Hey thats alot of information. I'm surely thankful to all of you and just for the sake of letting you guys know. When i was researching myself i came across this website which was totally according to what i or anyone'd need. Country profiles are like really good and i really liked the site. I think you guys should have a look at it too and do you think it can help any one of you? The link is
  7. SarahShams

    SarahShams New Member


    so did any one of you check it?
  8. DC

    DC Member

    Is this your company?

    Is this your company you are promoting? Why does the company not say who they are?

  9. SarahShams

    SarahShams New Member


    well if it was mine i would have just advertised about it instead of asking you guys for help. It just seemed to help me in what i needed so i thought of letting you guys know so that it might be of some help to a few of you :S
    Why are you more or less sounding like offended? :S
  10. lina

    lina New Member

    If You need any property in Bulgaria or just info about the country - let me know.
    Check this site - (it's the Company i'm working for)

    Kalina Genova
    [email protected]
    skype: propertyshop-11
    mobile: +359 878 445 089
  11. Dia Soleado Invest

    Dia Soleado Invest New Member

    For great overall information on the world's property market I have always turned to Overseas Property Professional. You have to have a membership to access all of the articles, which I think was an annual charge of around £60 or so, but it is well worth it. You can still have a browse without joining and I would say it is definitely worth a look for anyone who is serious about property investment. You can find them at Overseas Property Professional; UK Property Magazine
  12. Dia Soleado Invest

    Dia Soleado Invest New Member

  13. immernoch

    immernoch New Member

    To be honest, I would try to get in touch with someone local. It helps to be well connected. I only trust my agents and their network because they're honest, but I always always always do a background check and compare their information with local news sources from the area (unbiased) and even "hip" and "trendy" magazines.

    What I can tell you that's different from all of the above agents who are pumping their work is that you have to do your homework. Visit all of the above listed websites, but do at least three times as much independent background checks.

    In the end, you don't want to rely on one single source. Ever.
  14. SarahShams

    SarahShams New Member

    Right. True that! Im gonna have a look on all the websites you guys suggested and im sure they'll be helpful in some way or the other :D. Thank you so much! However none commented on the site which i listed as helpful?
  15. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    If you are interested in Central & Eastern Europe plus the developing Mediterranean, we've just launched a site that gives an independent unbiased view of them without trying to sell property in any one particular market.

    See what you think - it's at
  16. SarahShams

    SarahShams New Member

    Hey i checked out all of the links you guys suggested and al were helpful but i wonder if im checking all the sites. none from you tells me if can be helpful in anyway?
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