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Info about Trading License

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by London32, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. London32

    London32 New Member

    Hi can someone tell me who would i go about getting a real estate License for Dubai.

    I have investors that would like to invest in Dubai properties but they also want me to sell it at a later stage.

    I know I will need a License to trade but I don't know where to start. Also how would I be able to find a local person who I will need to be my partner to open a company?

    If anyone can help please get back to me.

  2. talk

    talk New Member

    It will hard to get complete knowledge of what you are looking for from this forum.
    Try contacting a British Embassay in Dubai or something similar.There are large agents in the UK who you could approach and ask about working as a sole agent for them in Dubai and let them give you the correct setup at first hand.

    eg..Remax sell there name as a francise and may help you.
  3. haider_dubai

    haider_dubai New Member

    Its easy if you take a real estate licence for buying and selling of property from free zone , its easy and no hessal. you dont need a local sponsor to open it , i just added a real estate licence to my trading licence from free zone , it took me only one day. if you need and assistance in this regards please let me know :)

  4. jayee

    jayee New Member

    Bear in mind that a free zone license will permit you to trade within free zone (and not outside the freezone). It is not clear whether you wish to register a broking firm or procure a developer license. In either case, should you be interested in dealing locally within the emirate, you will need a 100% local owned company. You will need to register yourself before the land department and the economic department. To invest in properties as a real estate agent, you must place a bond with the economic department.
  5. omercan

    omercan New Member

    As the industry is over saturated with Real Estate Companies and the ever increasing Brockers, the Dubai Goverment is no longer issues Real Estate Trade Licience, nor can you buy or transfer an exsisting one.
  6. talk

    talk New Member

    Where can I find more info reguarding this.The GOV should have done this years ago.

  7. omercan

    omercan New Member

    I was at RERA today siting for my real estate brockers corse, there i was told by the speaker. i dont know where you would find the related information, try the RERA website..
  8. rasha1312

    rasha1312 New Member

    Hi London 32,
    Its so easy and I have the Local man who can be the Local partner , He is well none perrson in Dubai owns around 40 companies , and u r most welcome if u need help,
    they can finalize it directly from land department and follow up all the procedures u need.
    contact me if u want anything and would like to arrange for a meeting.
    rasha.mashni at gmail dot com
    my mobile 050 5443471
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