India real estate recovery well under way

Discussion in 'India property' started by Nicholas Wallwork, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. Nicholas Wallwork

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    [​IMG]The recovery in the real estate market in India is well underway with prices increasing across the country.

    Property prices in the national capital region (NCR) have increased by up to 54% during the first three month*of this year due to higher demand, according to a study from realty portal

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  2. divya

    divya New Member

    This article is an interesting read and I perfectly agree that the real estate sector is poised for further growth. Property prices in Chennai too are spiralling and as a real estate agent (snip>I believe that following these trends on sites such as this will prove very useful.
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  3. sandeepnair

    sandeepnair New Member

    I would agree with you but you see. even this increase in prices is not stopping anyone from buying luxury apartments. Just because people are ready for this. i would say..
  4. mrtmaster

    mrtmaster New Member

    I think it will be back soon,you are right
  5. sumitrad

    sumitrad New Member

    Living in Gujarat, I believe our country becomes a very good place for investment. I just read that developers in Ahmedabad feel the city's stamp duty revenue contribution to the state is set to rise from 34% to 42% in next three years.
  6. shoeb

    shoeb New Member

    I am living in pune and as far concern of real estate recovery is very well here exact figure i can't provide but my personal experience just saying that which flat i want to buy in Jaunary in 35 lakhs is not over 40 lakh last month now you can have idea about property recovery in short....
  7. coordinates

    coordinates New Member

    In Bangalore, the real estate has taken hit during the recession. Today there are very few buyers of flats or apartments, especially the luxury or fully furnished ones. Most of the ITans are yet to recover from the onslaught of 2008-2009.
  8. avinashjog

    avinashjog New Member

    Nice Post!

    The real estate scene in India is definitely improving and going at a good rate.
    Investing in a property in India is a very good option for those looking at long term investments. In Pune, the industry is booming rapidly and will soon reach never touched heights.
  9. rubina2013

    rubina2013 New Member

    In these 5 years , India has grown very rapidly. Southern cities are also improving
  10. rakavdia

    rakavdia New Member

    Yes I agree, Real estate in India have continuously increasing and the cost of the property are also increasing.
  11. JenniferKelly

    JenniferKelly New Member

    I completely agree with you, even with the increase in the property rates, the demand is not decreasing. Flats or Property are more as compared to the population of world, because of which the rates are increasing as each an every person want shelter for their family.
  12. Kapil

    Kapil New Member

    I think the market has slowed down a bit, if you compare it to trends in previous years. In any market, you need end users to really add value to a place. There is a lot of inventory lying vacant in almost every developing city. As an investor, you have to be cautious.
  13. abhay

    abhay Banned

    In Delhi-NCR, the real estate property recovery is going on fast pace. Real Estate buyers are more keen to invest in Noida Expressway area to get profit in long term. Real Estate sector especially in Noida Extension, and Expressway location, if you invest in this location then 12% assured returns is sure in coming years. In last 2 years there is tremendous growth in property investment. :smile:
  14. Bindu9

    Bindu9 New Member

    The Indian Real Estate has recovered well and the prices of the property been increasing in the major cities...
  15. ihpuser

    ihpuser New Member

    As we can understand after reading the full article that; The real estate sector is growing with some huge numbers of IT parks and residential townships being constructed across India.

    This is in-fact the good sign for India Real Estate Sector.
  16. anniee

    anniee New Member

    Yes i do agree the the housing price increases day by day but the Government is changing every 4 years and we hope well better ruling this year and there is interest cut off from RBI and providing more funds for housing will be a good sign of affordable real estate in upcoming years.

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